Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Committee on Undergraduate Education 2012-13

(from Minutes) 

Carmen Werder & Emily Borda, Co-Chairs








CUE Adopts Competency 1 as Its Focus

CUE discussed the its priorities for the upcoming year and which assessment goals the committee will address.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Mary Ann Reynolds and seconded) to adopt competency 1 (written, oral and visual literacy) as the focus for the first improvement plan of the GUR program.

Revisions to CUE's Charge

Review of CUE Charge:

The charge previously stated that chairpersons of CUE would be elected at the first meeting of Fall Quarter, with no specification on whether or not the chair must be faculty.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Mary Ann Reynolds and seconded) to approve changing “the first meeting of Fall Quarter” to “the last meeting of Spring Quarter” in order for CUE to have official leadership during the summer.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Matt Miller and seconded) to approve the addition of the following text: “At least one chairperson must be faculty."

Election of Co-Chairs

Motion: Sapin moved to approve (seconded) the election of Emily Borda and Carmen Werder as Co-Chairs for CUE through spring 2013. The motion passed.

Assessment Plan

Motion: Steve Vanderstaay moved to affirm the Three-step assessment plan proposed at the retreat (seconded). Steps:

  1. Departments will be asked to select the 2-3 competencies that are most covered in their GUR classes.
  2. They must know on their plan how those competencies will be assessed, based on material through winter quarter.
  3. Once CUE has selected the competency on which they want data this year, the departments with that competency will be asked to provide the data in the spring.

The motion passed.


Transfer PHIL Courses for QSR Courses

Recently a statewide meeting took place to discuss the PHIL “Logic” courses being taught at community colleges. Washington community colleges have a common course numbering system for PHIL "Logic" courses, which created an issue as some colleges focused on symbolic logic while others focused on critical thinking. As a result, a new set of common courses with specific content has been identified and three new courses have been created: PHIL 115, 117, and 120. The focus of PHIL 117 and PHIL 120 is on symbolic reasoning, while PHIL 115 focuses on critical thinking.

Motion: Matt Miller moved to endorse acceptance of PHIL 117 PHIL 120 for QSR and to not include PHIL 115 (seconded). The motion passed.

Nusing Transfer Student GUR Credits for PSY and BIO Courses

CUE discussed endorsing PSY 200, BIO 241, BIO 242 and BIO 260 for GUR status. These courses are accepted for GUR credit at UW, but do not carry GUR status at Western. The Psychology and Biology department chairs do not want GUR status for these courses at Western as this could overwhelm enrollment and Western's BIO 241 and 242 have too narrow a focus to qualify for GUR status. The chairs are, however, comfortable with receiving transfer GUR credit for these courses as long as the courses at Western remain without GUR status. There is general agreement that transfer nursing students have met the science GUR standards.

Motion: Abel moved to approve PSY 200, BIO 241/242 and BIO 260 to give GUR credit to all transfer students (seconded). The motion passed.

GUR Course Assessment

CUE discussed whether GUR competencies should be assessed at the capstone level or the GUR/WP level.

Motion: VanderStaay moved for CUE to recommend that GUR course assessment of outcomes occur at the level of GUR courses, but to not prohibit departments to conduct assessment at the capstone level (seconded). The motion passed.


Pilot Testing Link Courses

CUE discussed endorsing pilot testing links for next year with the goal of integrating disciplinary content with skills development.

Motion: Werder moved to approve CUE endorsing pilot links pairing a GUR course involving academic literacy (written/spoken/visual literacy) with a GUR course focused on disciplinary content (seconded). The motion passed.

GUR Status for Pre-Professional Development Courses

CUE members expressed concern about granting GUR status to EDUC 115, which has a specific pre-professional development focus and is open only to future Woodring students by invitation. CUE members agreed that future major-specific course proposals such as this will need an appropriate basis of evaluation for receiving GUR status.

Motion: Eaton moved to table EDUC 115 (seconded). The motion passed.

CUE leadership will follow up with the Woodring contact about the possibility of either broadening the description of the course or retracting application for GUR status.

Discussion on Reframing and Revising Western's GUR Program

CUE members discussed the advantages and disadvantes of reframing Western's GUR program. Members agreed on the importance of having a broad discussion on the topic that included input from all stakeholders. One member suggested that this process would be more of a revision of the program rather than a reframing.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Eaton and seconded) to move the GUR revision discussion to the next level.

2013-14 Calendar

Motion: Miller moved for CUE to approve the calendar of CUE meeting dates for 2013-14 (seconded). The motion passed.

CUE Fall Quarter 2013
CUE Winter Quarter 2014
CUE Spring Quarter 2014
Thurs at 4pm in OM340
Thurs at 4pm in OM340
Thurs at 4pm in OM340
October 3
January 16
April 10
October 17
January 30
April 24
October 31
February 13
May 8
Viking Landing November 14
Viking Landing February 27

Viking Landing May 22

November 28
March 13
June 5
December 5


Timeline for GUR Program Revision

CUE members discussed next steps for moving forward with Western's GUR program.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Singh-Cundy and seconded) to approve the following proposed timeline:


  • Spring 2013: Making the case and setting up the process
    • CUE compiles exisiting data and collects additional data to provide rationale for gen ed revision
    • CUE drafts process and timeline
    • CUE discusses composition of task force and process for formation, as well as recommending sub-group themes
    • CUE drafts a charge for the task force
    • CUE drafts a white paper summarizing the 4 points above
    • CUE publishes and distributes the white paper
  • Summer 2013: Volunteers from CUE identify prospective task force members.
  • Fall 2013: The task force is charged and begins convening. A public forum is held to introduce the task force and the general education revision initiative. The task force gathers data from stakeholders and studies models of reformed general education programs.
  • Winter 2014: University Sub-committees are created and begin meeting on topics.
    • Winter 2014: Task Force participates as a team at an AAC&U Institute General Education and Assessment February 27- March 1, 2014 in Portland, Oregon
  • Spring 2014: University Sub-committees develop and submit multiple proposals to task force.
  • Summer 2014 - Fall 2014: Task Force reviews proposals and submits one final proposal to faculty governance.
  • Winter 2015 and beyond: Implement new program in stages.
Committee Appointments

Motion: Reynolds moved to approve the re-appointment (seconded) of the following faculty to CUE, through 2015:

  • Julia Sapin, CFPA
  • Grace Wang, Huxley
  • Sylvia Tag, Library
  • Ning Yu, at-large
  • Todd Haskell, CHSS

The motion passed.

Mary Ann Reynolds nominated Brandon DuPont to replace her for the CBE position for 2013-14.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Celis and seconded) to approve the nomination of Brandon DuPont to fill the CBE vacancy on CUE for 2013-14.

White Paper Discussion

CUE members met with the Senate Executive to discuss how to communicate GUR program revision efforts to faculty. Members also discussed how to gain buy-in from faculty who do not teach GUR courses.

CUE revised the White Paper to include a mechanism to stop the revision process if there is not enough support for it, to change the name so it is clear that this process will study the program first and then propose changes, and to include the most recent data on student satisfaction with the GUR program.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Eaton and seconded) to adopt the White Paper.

Election of 2013-14 Co-Chairs

Borda nominated Todd Haskell for the position of co-chair for 2013-14.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Eaton and seconded) to re-appoint Emily Borda and to elect Todd Haskell as CUE co-chairs for 2013-14.