Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Committee on Undergraduate Education 2014-15

(from Minutes) 

Robert Stoops, Chair



Election of Chair

Carmen Werder nominated Robert Stoops to the office of Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Education. Robert Stoops was unanimously elected CUE Chair.


Writing Proficiency (WP) Class Sizes Carmen Werder brought forward a constituent concern regarding WP3 class size. At this time there is no cap on the number of students that may be enrolled in WP classes, although there is a cap on enrollment in Block C writing classes. Committee members commented that large WP class sizes can pose issues in terms of providing quality instruction.

A motion to recommend that as a matter of university policy, WP3 courses be capped at twenty-five students, equivalent to the cap for the Block C writing courses (forwarded by Carmen Werder and seconded) passed unanimously (one abstention).


General Education Task Force Report CUE Chair Rob Stoops suggested that CUE continue discussion of the report, and plan to make a formal response as a committee next year, once ACC has determined its next steps. Committee members discussed the three program models, focusing on the recommendations for improvement under Western’s current distribution model. CUE made the following motions regarding these recommendations, independent of any particular model, and planned to continue discussion of the three models:

A motion to endorse the improvement opportunity on page 16 to ‘bring the diversity requirement into the 21st century’ (forwarded by Paul Chen and seconded) passed unanimously.

A motion to endorse the improvement opportunity on page 17 to ‘better prepare students to meet the demands of modern communication by enhancing their writing and communication skills’ (forwarded by Carmen Werder and seconded) passed unanimously.