Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Committee on Undergraduate Education 2016-17

(from Minutes) 

Donna Qualley Chair



Election of CUE Chair

A motion to nominate Donna Qualley to the position of CUE Chair (forwarded by Steve VanderStaay and seconded) passed.

A motion to elect Donna Qualley as the 2016-17 CUE Chair (forwarded by Robert Stoops and seconded) passed unanimously.


Resolution Thanking Rob Stoops

A resolution thanking Rob Stoops for his service as 2015-16 Committee on Undergraduate Education Chair (forwarded by Donna Qualley and seconded) passed.


GUR Competency Assessment

A motion to forward the rubrics to departments with and without the descriptive information in the cells to indicate the applicability of the current criteria, usefulness of the one to four rating, and any other changes to the rubrics that departments would propose for their courses (forwarded by Rick Bulcroft and seconded) was tabled until the meeting of November 10th.


GUR Competency Assessment

A motion to assign to each voting committee member the task of assessing the utility of one GUR competency rubric by November 10th in order to determine whether requesting department feedback on the rubrics is likely to prove useful (forwarded by Paul Chen and seconded) passed with an amendment that each voting member choose a relevant competency that they think they can use (forwarded by Rick Bulcroft and seconded).


Assessment of GUR Competency Rubrics

A motion to recommend revising the 11 GUR competencies to simplify them, reduce the number, and consider alignment with the GUR structure (forwarded by Aquila Flower and seconded) passed unanimously.

CUE resolved to forward this motion to the Academic Coordinating Commission in advance of CUE's November 10th minutes.


Priority Area 1 (Writing) in ACC Report

In the interest of continuing to pursue development of these writing proposals, CUE has made the following motion (forwarded by Steve VanderStaay and seconded): “CUE has long supported the improvement to writing instruction within General Education and encourages and would like to be part of the continued discussion and development regarding priority area 1 (writing) in the ACC report on Recommended Improvements to General Education.”


Recorded Notes

A motion (forwarded by Aquila Flower and seconded) to email the recorded notes to all CUE members for purposes of context passed.


Revision of GUR Course Descriptions

Committee members presented their final round of edits to each of the GUR course descriptions in the course catalog. The goal of the revision process was to focus on the student as the target audience, and is reflected within the alteration of language in the descriptions.

A motion to forward General Undergraduate Requirement (GUR) course descriptions suggested revisions to the Academic Coordinating Commission (forwarded by Andrew Good and seconded) passed.