Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Committee on Undergraduate Education 2017-18

(from Minutes) 

Donna Qualley Chair



Election of 2017-2018 Chair

A motion to nominate Donna Qualley as the 2017-18 CUE Chair (forwarded by Sarah McDaniel and seconded) passed. Qualley was elected unanimously.


CUE Writing Proposal

Draft Writing Proposal: Committee members continued discussion of CUE’s draft writing proposal. CUE members agreed to change the minimum grade requirement to get credit for a W3 course to a C- in order to add consistency to writing proficiency standards. CUE members also discussed the feasibility of making a W2 course a graduation requirement, but ultimately determined that this would likely pose an undue burden on transfer students. Committee members decided to remove sections in the writing proposal pertaining to teaching assistant (TA) support for W3 courses, and insert a note regarding CUE’s determination that TA support is likely unfeasible. CUE members also discussed the feasibility of eliminating the ACGM/BCGM GUR categories.

A motion (forwarded by Rick Bulcroft and seconded) to approve CUE’s writing proposal with the addition of edits from CUE Chair Donna Qualley passed unanimously (see Appendix A).