Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Committee on Undergraduate Education 2018-19

(from Minutes) 

Donna Qualley Chair



Election of 2018-2019 Chair

A motion to nominate Donna Qualley as the 2018-19 CUE Chair (forwarded by Gerry Prody and seconded) passed by unanimous consent.


Proposal Concerning Restrictions for GUR Courses

Committee members discussed and agreed on a final draft of the proposal concerning restrictions for GUR courses:

�CUE recognizes the benefits of students taking GUR courses throughout their college career at Western. At the same time, departments should keep in mind that the purpose of the GURs is to provide breadth in a liberal arts and sciences education. To this end, GUR courses should be open for enrollment to students outside the major. For GUR courses that have pre-requisites (other than English 101) or other restrictions, departments should indicate the extent to which non-majors can gain access to these courses�.

A motion (forwarded by Mark Neff and seconded) to send the proposal to the Academic Coordinating Commission for review was approved by unanimous consent.