Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Academic Coordinating Commission 2006-07

(from Minutes) 

Thomas Downing, Chair






Writing Proficiency to apply over several courses.

Writing Proficiency Requirement applied over several courses (Motion Tabled).   

         Chair Hearne reported that the writing proficiency requirement is an attribute applying to a particular course.   Some departments had asked to allocate the requirement over several different courses, applying a kind of point system to the level of writing provided in each to meet the overall proficiency requirement.  ACC had placed a  moratorium on this. 

         A department wanted to distribute writing proficiency over 3 courses having 1/3 unit per course.  This prevents the same teacher from being burdened with the entire writing proficiency responsibility.

           The proposal to reverse the moratorium came as a Motion moved and seconded from the Executive Committee of the ACC. 

        Motion:  Departments can distribute writing proficiency points over the year long schedule and are recommended to apply this distribution only to required courses in the major.

         Commissioners asked that the motion be deferred so that prior to the next meeting a list of writing proficiency courses and the departments that offer them can be provided.  Karen Perry agreed to provide such a list.

James Sanders moved to table the motion, seconded by Lauren Balisky, which Commissioners passed