Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC)

The ACC meets on alternate Tuesdays at 4 p.m.

The next ACC meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, October 26th. A public livestream link and recording will be available.

The first ACC meeting of the 2021-22 academic year took place on Tuesday, October 12th. A recorded livestream link is available.

The final ACC meeting of the 2020-21 academic year took place on Tuesday, June 1st. A recorded livestream link is available.

Brooke Love, Chair

Agendas Minutes E-Forms

Index of Curriculum Minutes

ACC Syllabus Requirement

Curricular Approval Deadlines for 2021-22 Catalog



What is ACC? The ACC is a major standing committee of the Faculty Senate whose members are charged with oversight of all aspects of the curriculum, curricular policy and Western’s academic enterprise. Through its review ACC ensures curricular coherence, sets appropriate standards for student admission and progress through the curriculum, promotes the assessment of learning outcomes, and enforces guidelines for graduation requirements.

ACC prepares its Agenda of curriculum items one week prior to its meetings. Following each ACC meeting, a Short Summary of actions is sent to faculty and staff. ACC also reviews minutes from its standing committees whose charges and memberships can be found on the Committee Memberships link.

What is the ACC's curriculum approval process? New or revised courses are sent from a faculty member for approval to her/his department and then forwarded to the college curriculum committee to review. Minutes from these college meetings reflect the actions taken and are forwarded to the ACC.  ACC approval ensures correlation between colleges and eliminates overlap or redundancy. Upon approval ACC forwards its information to the Senate and to the Registrar and Catalog Coordinator for the WWU-Online catalog. Further information on the process can be obtained from the ACC's FAQs.

How does a faculty member get involved in curricular review? Faculty with an interest in the curriculum process can join their departmental or college curriculum committees appointed through the department or through their college's faculty governing council. ACC candidates make it known to their college governing councils that they would like to serve and following confirmation by the college, the appointments are confirmed by the Faculty Senate in spring quarter.

What is the ACC Handbook? The ACC Handbook provides a guide to faculty and to departments on the details of creating curriculum and programs at Western, including the use of E-forms, and definitions and processes related to credit hours, prerequisites, guidelines for General University Requirements, etc. The Handbook contains the charges to the ACC Standing committees and provides a guide to departmental secretaries on how to develop curriculum minutes for ACC approval.

ACC Handbook / ACC Curriculum Minutes template

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