Motions and Recommendations passed by the

University Planning and Resources Council 2011-12

(from Minutes) 

Jeff Newcomer, Chair






Budget update

University Budget Update � Newcomer for P. Gilman

Division Budget Reports

Thanks to outgoing members

Decisions Packages Report

Reviewing Academic Department Resources

Ways of Improving Data Information

Report on Decision Packages forwarded

Cap budget process

Introduction of Brian Sullivan, AsstVP BFA

Reflections on Cap Budget Process

Integrating Cap Budget Process 7 Other Initiatives

Board response to Decision Packages report

2012-13 Budget Update � Paula Gilman

Board Reponse to Decision Pkgs � Karen Stout

WWU and WA in Higher Ed Context � Provost Riordan

10-Year Capital Plan Draft

10-Year Capital Plan Draft �Benner, Halle

Recommendations on 10-year Capital Plan Draft: UPRC MOTION

A motion was made by Ira Hyman, second by Keith Hyatt to address three issues of concern to the Council:

  • Who inhabits STEM and where it will be located to be more widely discussed and made clearer;
  • ES project to be moved several biennia higher on the list of capital projects;
  • Building a Gateway building for Admissions requires that you build sufficient parking.


The motion passed unanimously.


Decision Packages Report

Recommending Decision Pckgs 2013-15  Pursue Aggressively:  Clean Energy, Audiology,

  Teach WA,  Transition to Engineering 


Decision Packages

Potential Decision packages 2013-15:  CREW �Steve Sulkin, Kathy Kitto

Enhancing the Core � Brian Burton, Craig Dunn,  Kathy Kitto

Clean Energy

Clean Energy:  Deans Smith & Wright, Mark Bussell

 Professional Science Masters: Dean Smith &  Provost Riordan

Programmatic Minor cap Project Proposals

Programmatic Minor Cap Project Proposals

Survey planned for ranking proposals

AA Minor Works Requests � Francis Halle provides additional information (with estimated costs)

1)          648378        Multiple buildings: Campus ADA Issues

2)         648393        Multiple buildings:  Public Accommodation Projects

3)         648419        Parks Hall:  Renovate & Mediate Two Conference Rooms

4)         648415        Performing Arts Center:  Costume Shop - In Shop Storage and Fabric Dyeing (Safety issues)

5)         648422        Haggard Hall: 'New Media' Commons

6)         635721        Utilities   Network Support for Increased Demand on Power over Ethernet (PoE)

7)         648417        Shannon Point Marine Center: SPMC Wet Lab Facilities

8)         646942        Haggard Hall: Program/Presentation Space

9)         648412        Armory:  Upgrades to the Armory to allow for its use as a book/record storage facility

10)   648413        Parks Hall:  Plaza Deck Enclosure

Programmatic Minor cap Project Proposals

Programmatic Minor Cap Proposals:  Enrollment & Student Svcs � Eileen Coughlin

Academic Affairs � Provost Riordan

Preservation Strategy and Proposals

Overview of Preservation Strategy and Proposals � Rich Van Den Hul

Programmatic Minor Cap Proposals

Business & Financial Affairs

BSN Program


RN to BSN program: Mary Baroni, RN, PhD


Western's Strategic Objectives

Western�s Strategic Objectives

New Programs

New programs: 1) Engineering, 2) ScienceEd MiddleSchool, 3) Nursing, 4) Audiology Doctorate

Major and Intermed Cap Projects

Major and Intermed Cap Projects Survey

Extended Education: Earl Gibbons

Hiring and Rebasing Update: Catherine Riordan

Priorities for Major/Intermediate Cap Proposals


Major and Intermed Cap Proposals

Major/Intermed Cap Proposals

Academic Equipment; Classroom upgrades,

OM renovation and Admin Svcs Bldg:  Francis Halle

Pedestrian/bike bridge; campus roadway revisions; parking structure:  Rick Benner


Major and Intermed Cap Proposals

Major/Intermediate Cap Proposals:  Dean Burton,

VP Lawson, Deans Wright and Smith, Dean Guyette


Major and Intermed Cap Proposals

Major/Intermediate Cap Proposals: Wilson academic expansion; Multi-purpose all-weather turf field; Storm water mitigation for gravel lots; Waterfront land acquisition


Confidentiality Agreement Fact Book

Confidentiality Agreement-Fact Book

Election of Vice Chair:  Brad Johnson

Major/Intermed Cap Projects: Ed Simpson

AcadAffairs Budget Update: Provost Riordan