Motions and Recommendations passed by the

University Planning and Resources Council 2012-13

(from Minutes) 

Jeff Newcomer, Chair






Creation of Task Force

UPRC made a motion (moved by April Markiewicz, second by Susan Banton) that a sciences building pre-predesign task force be formed and also serve as a pilot program for development of a campus process that will become a regular part of any predesign process. The motion passed unanimously.

Rationale: The purpose is to better define the sciences building at an early stage.  The task force is to be composed of potential stakeholders, and to also include third-party persons with no stake in the outcome.

Recommendation of Funding for Four Proposals

Council discussed the ramifications of funding or not funding these proposals and their impacts and agreed that it was important to forward a recommendation using the survey results as a starting point for identifying those proposals.  

A motion was made(moved by Bernie Housen, seconded by Johann Neem) that: UPRC recommends that the following four items be funded, with or without new money:

  • AA1 – STEM/High Demand Enrollment Shifts (currently envisioned as 4 TT lines, depts. TBD)
  • BFA2 – Facilities Management: Preventative, Routine, Corrective Maintenance
  • ESS1 – Dollars Necessary to Fill Multiple Vacancies in the Counseling Center
  • PresDiv1 – Permanent funding for a Director of Women's Studies
The motion passed.




Formation of Ad Hoc Committee


The following motion (moved by Housen, seconded by Durham) was passed:

Compose an ad hoc committee of UPRC of three faculty members from UPRC (one from CST and two from two additional colleges), the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services or her designee, the Provost or her designee, and the ASVP for Academic Affairs.

1.       To identify what constitutes an “access” issue to majors and/or programs;
2.       To identify a suite of solutions for access issues to majors and/or programs, including those embraced by other campuses;
3.       To determine the resource and other implications for the suite of solutions;
4.       To choose from the above those options compatible with Western’s mission, values, and long-term health, and bring them to UPRC for discussion at the first October meeting of UPRC.
 5.      In response to UPRC’s discussions, to offer some concrete recommendations for dealing with access issues in any majors/programs to UPRC by the last UPRC meeting of Fall Quarter 2013.

Outcomes: The committee will offer a Report to UPRC listing solutions embraced by other institutions, and recommending specific solutions that are compatible with Western’s mission, values and long-term health. The Report will consider solutions that are resource neutral as well as solutions that may take advantage of additional resources.


Appointments to the UPRC Ad Hoc Committee on Access

The following motion (moved by Housen, seconded by Durham) was passed:


“The UPRC appoints the following faculty to the UPRC Ad Hoc Committee on Access:  Hart Hodges, Economics; Brad Johnson, Physics/Astronomy; Johann Neem, History.”