Motions and Recommendations passed by the

University Planning and Resources Council 2015-16

(from Minutes) 

John Bower, Chair







Election of Vice Chair

A motion to nominate David Patrick to serve as the 2015-16 UPRC Vice Chair (forwarded by Bob Mitchell and seconded) was approved by a unanimous vote.


Capital Budget Request Criteria

During the last capital budget process, UPRC helped develop criteria to prioritize capital budget requests in conjunction with Western’s Strategic Plan and the college Six-Year Plans. A motion to retain the existing criteria for this capital budget cycle (forwarded by Bob Thomas and seconded) passed unanimously.


Decision Package Criteria

Linda Teater, Director of the Budget Office, presented the revised decision package criteria. A motion to approve the revised Decision Package Criteria (forwarded by Bob Mitchell and seconded) passed. The language of the approved Decision Package Criteria is as follows:

2017-19 Biennium – “Decision Package” Proposal Criteria

        For possible submission to the State for the 2017-19 biennial operating budget, Western Washington University will consider “Decision Package” proposals.  These may include multiple funding sources (state allocation, self-sustaining funding models, fundraising, etc.).  Proposals will be expected to meet, as thoroughly as possible, the following criteria. 

  1. The proposal aligns well with the Western Washington University Strategic Plan and unit strategic plans.
    1. degree to which the project helps WWU fulfill its mission
    2. degree to which the project applies current WWU strengths to meet State need
    3. project breadth is such that it covers multiple goals
  2. The project is of significant size and scope.
    1. project is beyond the funding capability of the planning unit or division
    2. Need and expected outcomes are clearly identified and articulated and impact of the project is measurable.
    3. Scope is relatively large. 
  3. The proposal addresses both capability and capacity.
    1. extent to which the project leverages current WWU capabilities
    2. extent to which the project builds needed capacity at WWU
  4. The project is reasonably fundable via State appropriation or some combination of sources including but not limited to those listed above.


Appreciation for UPRC Chair John Bower

A motion to acknowledge John Bower for a well-run 2015-16 UPRC year and thank Bower for the work he has done (forwarded by David Patrick and seconded) passed unanimously.