Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Academic Technology Committee 2017-18

(from Minutes) 

Andy Klein, Chair







Election of 2017-18 ATC Chair

Andy Klein nominated himself (seconded) to serve as ATC’s 2017-18 Chair. Klein was elected unanimously.


Elections and Appointments  

A motion to nominate Michael Medler (forwarded by Andy Klein and seconded) to the Learning Management System Advisory committee (LMS) passed.


 Elections and Appointments  

Robin Kodner self-nominated (seconded) to serve on the Student Technology Fee Committee. Kodner was elected unanimously.


ATC Charge 

A motion (forwarded by Andy Klein and seconded) to request that Faculty Senate revise the Academic Technology Committee charge passed unanimously.


 ATC Vice Chair

A motion to nominate Paula Dagnon to the position of ATC Vice Chair (forwarded by Andy Klein and seconded) passed unanimously.


Student Exclusive Messaging through Canvas 

Student-Exclusive Messaging through Canvas: A committee member raised a constituent concern about a feature in Canvas that allows students to email all students in a given course without the instructor knowing about the email. There is concern that faculty are unaware of this feature, and that faculty should be able to opt-in or opt-out of this feature.

A motion (forwarded by Paula Dagnon and seconded) to refer consideration of student-exclusive Canvas messaging to the Learning Management System (LMS) Committee passed by unanimous vote.