Diversity & Social Justice Awards Committee (DSJ)

Trula Nicholas, Chair

DSJ Awardee Proposals


2017-18 DSJ Award Recipients


Charge and Membership:

The Diversity & Social Justice Awards Committee's role is to evaluate proposals, score proposals, and award the Diversity & Social Justice Summer Teaching and Research Awards. Specifically, the committee shall:

  • Review and update proposal requirements and the rating tool used to evaluate proposals;
  • Establish a schedule for the solicitation of proposals, review and rank order proposals, and announce recipients by the end of fall quarter

The membership of the Diversity & Social Justice Awards Committee shall be as follows:

  • Six to nine voting members of the faculty, including:
    • At least one current member of the Faculty Senate, appointed annually;
    • No more than two faculty from any of the areas (A-I) used to define membership on the Faculty Senate

The faculty on the committee should represent a broad range of experience and expertise in the areas of diversity, equity, and social justice.

With the exception of appointments from the Senate, all appointments shall be for two years, with terms staggered so that approximately half the members are appointed each year. In the first year, half the members will be appointed for a one-year term. Committee members may serve no more than three consecutive terms.

A faculty chairperson, who shall be appointed by and from the committee members, will be responsible for the agenda.

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