Academic Technology Committee (ATC)

Meets on alternate Mondays in Old Main 340 at 4 pm

The next scheduled meeting of the ATC is on Monday, December 2nd

Paula Dagnon, Chair


Roster of 2019-20 ATC


What is the ATC? The ATC is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate that provides advice, guidance, and support to the Information Technology Services organization of the University, and assures that Western’s investment in information technology facilities and resources effectively and efficiently serves the University’s strategic activities and the academic needs of students and faculty.

What does ATC do? ATC reviews and assesses the resources and the policies and practices of the Information Technology Services organization; advises and provides guidance on the introduction of new and advanced technologies; reviews and assesses faculty needs and makes recommendations; participates in the dissemination of technology policy and best practices; and recommends strategic priorities to the Student Technology Fee Committee as they review technology proposals.

How do faculty get to serve on ATC? Faculty on ATC represent their college's technology committees and are generally appointed from the college governing council and confirmed by the Faculty Senate in spring quarter.