Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Senate Library Committee 2015-16

(from Minutes) 

Mark Springer, Chair (Fall) and Steven Garfinkle, Chair (Spring)







Resource Access Task Force Membership

The Chair handed out a partially completed list of names for membership to the task force. He said the committee needed to complete this list today if at all possible, and he asked each member to give him a name of who could represent their college or unit – it could be their own name or they could nominate someone else. Also, there were two names nominated for one of the units, so members held a vote to recommend one name to represent that unit on the task force. After a short discussion, names were added to the list and a motion was made by Elizabeth Joffrion to approve the slate of candidates’ and forward it to the Faculty Senate for final approval. Anu Singh-Cundy seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.

The Chair will take following list of names to the Faculty Senate for approval:

To Resource Access Task Force:
           Area A, CSE: Roger Anderson, Biology
           Area A, CSE: Greg O’Neil, Chemistry
           Area B, CHSS: no name submitted
           Area C, CHSS: Steven Garfinkle, History
           Area D, CFPA: Monique Kerman, Art
           Area E, CBE: Mark Springer, Decision Sciences
           Area F, Fairhaven: no name submitted
           Area G, Huxley: Brooke Love, ESCI  
           Area H, Woodring: Marilyn Chu, ELED
           Area I, Libraries: Jeff Purdue, Libraries
           At Large: Kristin Denham, English


Resource Access (Sustainability) Task Force - Final Report

The Faculty Senate will review and hopefully approve the Task Force report at next Monday’s meeting; then the report will be rolled out to campus. If this goes according to plan, by the end of next week, campus faculty will be given a 6-week window to make retention requests to keep certain journals if they meet the ‘defensible criteria’ laid out in the report. Final decisions on reductions will be made by May 15th so these can be implemented by June 1st which is the publishers’ deadline for most journal subscriptions.

Mike noted that he and the librarians will be handling feedback from campus faculty. The memo from the Faculty Senate will ask Department Chairs to gather feedback internally from their faculty, and then each Chair will send the gathered comments and questions to the librarians and/or to Mike.

Members discussed re-wording item 3 in ‘possible concerns’. Also, Rebecca noted that we need to add language to clarify this is only the first phase and that this process will have to be repeated over the next few years. It was suggested that wording from the task force charge should be added to note the additional processes.

The Dean noted that the university does not currently have a model to handle the annual inflation costs from publishers. Without a new funding model for Libraries resources, continued cuts will occur indefinitely. Members discussed possible long-term solutions to this serious funding problem. It was agreed that Mark S. should create a new #4 to address library resource funding and also add additional language to #3.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the amended documents; the motion was approved by a unanimous vote.


Election of Chair

A motion (forwarded by Marilyn Chu and seconded) to nominate Steven Garfinkle to serve as Chair of the Senate Library Committee passed unanimously. Garfinkle will be on leave next year and will therefore serve only through the end of spring quarter.