Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Senate Library Committee 2016-17

(from Minutes) 

Anu Singh-Cundy, Chair







Election of 2016-17 SLC Chair

SLC members voted unanimously to elect Anu Singh-Cundy as 2016-17 SLC Chair (forwarded by Marilyn Chu and seconded).


Library Resource Deaccessioning Process

A motion to solicit feedback on the 2015-16 library resource deaccessioning process and outcomes from department chairs and from individual faculty via survey (forwarded by Anu Singh-Cundy and seconded) passed unanimously.


Subscription Reduction Process

A motion to approve the executive summary as revised (forwarded by Brooke Love and seconded) passed with one abstention.


 30-May 2017
Memo to Faculty

A motion to approve the memo to faculty as edited (forwarded by Brooke Love and seconded) passed.


30-May 2017 
Electronic Access to Select Microform Library Resources

A motion to endorse the recommendation from Western Libraries to eliminate the London Times microforms as there is sufficient insurance on the London Times content (forwarded by Joan Stevenson and seconded) passed.


30-May 2017