Senate Extended Education Committee (SEEC)

Meets at least one Thursday a month in OM340 at 4 pm

Bill Lyne, Chair



SEEC 2018 Recommendations to Faculty Senate

SEEC 2017 Recommendations to Faculty Senate

SEEC 2017 Report to Faculty Senate

Roster of 2018-19 SEEC


The Senate Extended Education Committee's (SEEC) role is to help Extended Education support the University's mission, strategic goals, and values. To do so, the SEEC will:

  1. provide advice and recommendations to the Vice Provost of Extended Education and the Senate; and
  2. serve as liaison between the faculty and the Vice Provost of Extended Education.

Specifically, the committee shall:

  • Provide advice on current and future policies, procedures, and programs offered or considered by or through Extended Education to the Senate and relevant committees;
  • Discuss ideas about Extended Education programs;
  • Review and assess the activities and direction of Extended Education;
  • Report annually during the winter term to the Senate and ACC the following:
    • the mission and budget of Extended Education;
    • programs runs through Extended Education;
    • students served during the previous academic year, including summer term;
    • the number of undergraduate and graduate courses offered for credit during the previous academic year, broken up by program, site, mode of delivery, and type of faculty (NTT or T/TT);
    • other information requested by the Senate.





SEEC 2016 Report to Faculty Senate

SEEC 2015 Report to Faculty Senate