Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Senate Extended Education Committee 2014-15

(from Minutes) 

Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chair







Election of Chair
Spencer Anthony-Cahill was nominated to serve as SEEC Chair through the end of Fall Quarter 2014, and a motion to elect and approve Spencer Anthony-Cahill as SEEC Chair through Fall Quarter 2014 (forwarded by Michael Medler, seconded by Amber Bone) passedby unanimous vote.
Postpone Delivery of SEEC Report
In consideration of the fact that the Senate Extended Education Committee is a newly formed body and has only recently begun meeting, a motion to postpone delivery of SEEC’s 2014-15 report until spring quarter (forwarded by Spencer Anthony-Cahill, seconded by Chuck Lambert) passed by a unanimous vote.
Forward Recommendations

A motion to forward SEEC’s recommendations for consideration to Senate (moved by G. Gossett, seconded) passed unanimously.