Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Senate Extended Education Committee 2015-16

(from Minutes) 

Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chair







Election of Chair

SEEC members voted unanimously to elect Spencer Anthony-Cahill to the position of SEEC Chair (forwarded by Paul Mart and seconded).


Review of Extended Education Report for SEEC's 2016 Report to Faculty Senate

A motion to approve the Extended Education report and forward to the Faculty Senate (moved by Mike Mana and seconded) passed (see appendix A). 


SEEC Charge

A motion recommending that the Faculty Senate amend the SEEC charge and membership to include a representative from a WWU outreach campus (forwarded by Michael Medler and seconded) passed.


Reduction in Summer Session Tuitions

A motion to recommend that SEEC draw the attention of the Faculty Senate and its appropriate Senate standing committees to consider the possible fiscal impacts of state-mandated tuition reductions in academic year tuition on tuition and enrollment for summer session and on summer session revenue generated for colleges and departments (forwarded by Mike Mana and seconded) passed unanimously.