Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Senate Extended Education Committee 2016-17

(from Minutes) 

Mike Mana, Chair







Election of SEEC Chair

SEEC members voted unanimously to elect Mike Mana as 2016-17 SEEC Chair (forwarded by Penny Hutchinson and seconded).


Distribution of Extended Education Revenue

A motion to approve the request for information from Academic Affairs (forwarded by Bill Lyne and seconded) passed. The language of the motion is as follows:

In order to improve SEEC’s ability to communicate about and increase faculty understanding of the role that revenues generated by Extended Education and associated programs play in fulfilling Western’s academic mission, I move that the SEEC request the following information from Academic Affairs:

  1. The total costs and revenues of the various programs within EE for each of the last three years, broken down by individual program.
  2. How much revenue from EE was forwarded to Academic Affairs over the last three years; how was this revenue assigned to each of the various colleges at Western; what proportion of these funds were used to support NTT over the same three-year period.


2017 SEEC Report to Faculty Senate

A motion to approve (forwarded by Ying Li and seconded) SEEC’s 2017 Report to Faculty Senate: Extended Education Activities at Western Washington University Academic Year 2015-2016 passed unanimously.