Fellowship Office

Fellowship Office

The Fellowship Office is the place to learn about nationally competitive scholarships or fellowships— in other words, money to help fund undergraduate or graduate/professional studies. Our mission is to find individual fellowships that fit your goals.

The Fellowship Advisor helps students identify scholarships and fellowships that match their background and career goals. The Advisor also assists students in preparing applications and works with faculty to ensure strong letters of recommendation.

We Help Students Find:

  • Scholarships for undergraduate students
  • Fellowships for graduate students
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Competitive internships

Western Winners

  • Hillary Landers:
    Fulbright ETA Brazil
    Hillary looks over shoulder to camera while holding flowers
  • Mika Jones:
    Boren Critical Language Scholarship, Japanese Government Scholarship
    Mika smiles to camera in front of bookshelf and group of Japanese people
  • Dan Edgel:
    US Senate Internship with Senator Murray
    Dan poses for picture with Washington Monument (narrow pointed structure) in background
  • Courtney Knox:
    Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship
    Courtney leans against pole, background blurred
  • Kelsey Taylor:
    Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship
    Kelsey sits on rock landscape with mountains in background
  • Kaitlyn Lowder:
    Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship
    Kaitlyn holds a starfish, with low tide water in background
  • Rebecca Donaldson:
    Fulbright ETA Brazil
    Rebecca stands in front of Fisher Fountain with flower and reward letter
  • Meredith Ekberg:
    Smith College Summer Institute in Art Museum Studies
    Meredith stands in grassy plains, looking to the left
  • Valeria Fisher:
    Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, Germany
    Valeria turns head to face camera while posing on stairs
  • Sarah Deland:
    Hollings 2012
    Sarah holds a young sea turtle with water in background
  • Matthew Osborne:
    Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, Austria
    Matthew stands in front of building, with snow in background
  • Matt Temple:
    CISEI Internship, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
    Matt extends arms out, posing in front Gothic-looking building in Ireland
  • Maia Hanson:
    Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship – NOAA
    Maia smiles for camera, while another person looks out over canyon-like feature
  • Elvira Berishev:
    Gilman, Russia
    Elvira stands in front of Russian building in plaza with people scattered