Fellowship Office

Major Fellowships

Granting Agencies

Boren Scholarship

Funds undergraduate study, including intensive language training, in countries considered critical to national security. This does not include countries of Western Europe; however, proven language ability is recognized as a measure of a candidate’s ability to learn a new language associated with a country of critical importance.

Note: Special Boren Scholarships are available for students in the STEM disciplines; these provide funding for summer study in another country.

Deadline: January

Boren Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) for Intensive Summer Institutes

The CLS Program offers intensive overseas study in Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengla/Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu. It provides fully-funded 7-10 week group-based intensive language instruction and extensive cultural enrichment experiences overseas at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. (Not all levels are offered for all languages).

Deadline: December

DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service

Undergraduate Scholarships

Preference to students whose projects are based at or organized by a German university; students should demonstrate an interest in contemporary German and/or European affairs.

  • Enroll in organized study abroad program or design own study abroad curriculum
  • Senior thesis research
  • Internships in Germany
  • Between 4-10 months

German Studies Research Grant

Short-term research focusing on modern German culture, politics, history, economics, or society.

  • German studies major or minor
  • Candidate must be nominated by department
  • Minimum of 2 years of German language study in college
  • Minimum of 3 courses in German studies: literature, history, politics, or other field

University Summer Course Grants

  • 3-4 week summer courses at German universities focusing on literary, cultural, political, and economic aspect of modern and contemporary Germany.
  • Minimum of 2 years of German language study in college

Deadline: October

EMPIG - Bundestag Internship - Students serve as interns to elected representatives

  • Advanced undergraduates majoring in German, political science, international relations, law, history, or economics
  • Some knowledge of German legislative process
  • Fluency in German

Fulbright Scholarships

Traditional: Research or graduate study

ETA (English Teaching Assistantships)

Fulbright scholarships are available in 150 countries, over 40 of which also provice the option for working as an English language teaching assistant. The country determines the number and nature of the awards as welll as the criteria for candiates. Special awards are are available for students interested in popular culture and for study of languages characterized as "critical" to American interests.

Deadline: September

Gilman International Scholarship Program

Funds Study Abroad Program (minimum of 4 weeks)

Program must be university approved and credit-eligible

Candidate must be a Pell Grant recipient at time of application and US citizen.

Deadlines: September and March

Goldwater Scholarship

Sophomores and juniors majoring in math, science, or engineering may apply for this scholarship, which funds up to 2 years of undergraduate study. Candidates must intend to pursue a research-oriented graduate degree and should have research experience as an undergraduate.

Deadline: January

Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship funds two years of academic studies related to NOAA science, research, technology, policy, management, and education activities. (Students must confirm that they will have two years of undergraduate studies to complete in order to qualify.) It also offers a multi-disciplinary paid summer internship providing students the opportunity to work with NOAA scientists.

Deadline: January

Marshall Scholarship

One of the most prestigious scholarships, the Marshall is awarded to top American students for 2-3 years of graduate study in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wale, and Northern Ireland). The competition is open to students in all fields of study.

Deadline: September

Mitchell Scholarship

One of the most prestigious scholarships, the Mitchell is awarded to top American students for one year of graduate study in Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). The competition is open to students in all fields of study. Applicants must show reason to conduct their graduate work in Ireland.

Deadline: September

Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship

Based on financial need, this fellowship supports graduate work by women and minorities historically underrepresented in the foreign service. Appropriate fields include public policy, international affairs, public administration, business, economics, political science, sociology, or foreign languages. Candidate’s must enroll in a two-year master’s program and, following graduation, work for a minimum of three years as a foreign service officer.

Deadline: January

Rhodes Scholarship

The best known of the prestigious scholarships, the Rhodes Scholarship is awarded to top American students for 2-3 years of graduate study at Oxford University. The competition is open to students in all fields of study.

Deadline: September


Funds international graduate study and/or research in countries that have Rotary clubs

Academic-year Ambassadorial Scholarship

9 months of full-time study or vocational training; not intended for language study, therefore candidates should be proficient in the language of the country.

Deadline: March

Udall Scholarship

Sophomores and juniors who intend to pursue careers relating to the environment may apply for this scholarship, which provides funding for undergraduate education as well as networking opportunities.

Deadline: February