First-Year Interest Groups

What Do Students Say About FIGs?

Former FIG Students Here is what former FIGs students have to say about the program:

"As a freshman, I was overwhelmed when deciding what classes to take my first Fall Quarter.  Taking the FIG cluster helped me get plugged into three classes right away."

"I really enjoyed discussions and readings about problems we need to face and the differences that exist even within our own culture!"

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to be in a smaller class."

"I truly appreciated the readings and films that we watched. It's always great to find a space where such important topics are explored and made personally relevant."

"Without this class I never would have made the deep intellectual connections I now have with my peers."

"The research skills and strategies I learned were vital."

"It gave me the opportunity to make connections with faculty."

"It has helped me meet interesting people and like-minded individuals."

"I thought that by enrolling in a FIG I would get a jumpstart into my major. The FIG helped me make that connection."

"I started asking questions. Real questions . . . I have gained the motivation to think."

"One nice thing about this class is that we are taught useful things that will take us through . . . four years of school."

"We learned to not only answer the 'what' of a question, but also the 'how' and the 'why'."

"Before the FIG class, literacy just meant to me that you can read and write. But now I realize that literacy is more than that; it is talking, listening, thinking, researching, and how you interact with the world."

"I also liked FIG because it automatically helped me meet friends in my classes.  It is sometimes overwhelming to walk into a huge lecture hall, with not only freshmen, but sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well.  It was nice to meet the other freshmen in my 'core group' and see a familiar face in class amongst the large crowd of people."