First-Year Interest Groups

Fall 2020 FIG Advising tips

Not sure which FIG to choose?

FIGs are a great opportunity to take courses from across subject areas at Western. In addition, they are an excellent way to explore major options. We recommend you review the requirements for the major you are interested in to select the courses that best match up with your future major. The University Catalog’s Programs of Study include all majors offered at Western. The Academic Advising Center’s Choosing a Major page also offers important information about timing for declaring a major and several ways to explore major options. Another tool is to review the General University Requirements (GURs). GURs are courses that help fulfill Western's liberal education core curriculum. If you are undecided or just want to explore some topics, then almost all FIGs are available to you.

We have a few FIG clusters that will help you explore a potential major:

  • Exploring English Major/Minor (interested in literature and writing)
  • Investigating Journalism (interested in journalism)
  • Exploring Health and Human Development (interested in allied health)
  • Exploring Earth and Environmental Science (interested in environmental science)