Membership Information

  • To become a member just go to the Join FMA and pay:
    • $35 for a 1-year FMA International Membership
    • $50 for a 2-year FMA International Membership
  • Then, go down to Student Chapter Information and under "Student Chapter Name” select Western Washington University. Under Local Chapter Dues select:
    • $20 for a 3-quarter membership
    • $20 for a 2-quarter membership
    • $10 for a 1-quarter membership
  • Finally, just complete all other information and pay. It’s that simple!

  • Benefits Include:
    • Guest Speakers
    • a FREE student membership with the American Association of Inidividual Investors (AAII), a $49 value
    • Investment management experience through the CBE investment Management & Scholarship Fund
    • Resume Building
    • Career Information & Internships
    • Networking with potential employers
    • Club outings
    • Affiliation with the nationally recognized FMA International
    • FMA online website relating to jobs, conferences, finance certifications, and forecast competitions
    • Membership in the FMA National Honor Society - both undergrads and MBA students (for those who qualify - See Requirements

Announcements for Winter Quarter 2020

    Thursday, February 27
  • 5:30-6:30 pm, AW 406
  • Speaker: Lars Phillips, CFA,CFP, Lead Advisor/Partner,
  • Avier Financial Advisors

    1. Possible Club Activities for 2019-20
    2. Stock Market Game
    3. Bowling, a Scrabble Challenge & Golf
    4. Auction Fund Raiser
    5. FIN 341 tutorial center (volunteers for this activity should have earned a "B" or better in FIN 341)
    6. Guest Speakers
    7. FMA Club Newsletter
    8. Scholarship Fund Management

    9. Do you have some suggestions for Fall or Winter quarter activities? If so, contact at: Email Webmaster