Health Insurance

Wells Fargo Student Insurance

Teaching Assistants are eligible for health insurance, paid for by the Graduate School, for each quarter serving as a TA. Insurance is provided through Wells Fargo Insurance Services, who contracts with an insurance provider, Nationwide Insurance.

Please see coverage brochure for a brief summary of insurance policy information for 2017-18.

Full policy details for 17-18 will be posted when they are available.

To apply through the Graduate School office for the Wells Fargo Student Insurance, please use this form.


2017-18 Enrollment Deadlines:

Fall Quarter: TBD

Winter Quarter: TBD

Spring Quarter: TBD

Spring/Summer Quarter: TBD


If you have questions about your coverage status, please contact Wells Fargo Student Insurance directly at (800) 853-5899. Their Customer Care Team is here to assist students from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday.


Q:  “What is my share of the Cost?”

A:   The Graduate School will pay the entire quarterly premium for you (the graduate TA) only. Dependents' premiums are entirely the responsibility of the grad assistant. If you wish to enroll a dependent in the Wells Fargo Student Health Plan, please contact the Graduate School for more information.


Q:  “How long am I eligible for Coverage?”

A:   You are eligible for the Graduate School to pay your premium only in the quarters that you are serving as a TA.


Q: "How do I file a claim, get an insurance card, etc?

A: These services are available to you at once your enrollment form has been processed (please allow 7-10 working days after submission.)

Continuing Your Insurance Coverage When You Are Not a TA

If you wish to continue the Wells Fargo student insurance in quarters that you are not serving as a TA, you may do so by submitting an application and your premium directly to Wells Fargo (via their website, or the Student Health Center)

Please note: In order to purchase Summer Quarter coverage separately, you must actually be enrolled for a minimum number of credits during summer quarter. If you do not anticipate being enrolled during summer quarter and wish to continue your coverage, you will need to request "Spring/Summer" coverage through the Graduate School Office and provide a check for the Summer Quarter premium.

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