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Setting Custom Background Colors and Pattern Fills


The default background (what appears to be the oceans in the example below) can be modified via the Data Frame Properties.


Right-click / Properties to open the Data Frame Properties sheet:


Click on the Frame tab. Under Background, choose a color from the drop-down list:


For a simple color fill, click OK...


OR: For more control over the background click on the Style Properties button:


Choose a different color, change to outline properties, etc.

For even more control, click on Change Symbol:


Choose a new symbol, optionally with a pattern fill...

OR: For even more control, click on Properties:


In the Symbol Property Editor, choose a symbol Type:


If need be you can now browse to different folders for different symbol sets or pictures. Note that the default Picture fills that come with ArcGIS are stored in the C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Styles\Pictures folder (and you may need to navigate to this folder)


For a Picture fill, you will want to change to Thumbnails:


Choose a Picture fill and click Open


Modify the Angle, Scale, Color, etc as desired...


OR: For a Marker fill...


Click on the Marker... to choose a marker:


Select a Marker symbol, modify the Color, Size and Angle as desired...

Click OK:


Change the Offset and/or Separation (between symbols) as desired:

Click OK:



Click OK:


Click OK


Click OK...


View your new custom background...

OPTIONAL - Move the Latitude-Longitude lines below the land features:


This makes the Lat-Long lines appear as part of the background...



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