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Using the Focus Data Frame option to enable Data Frame Access from within Layout View

(with an example setting Label options and using the Add Label tool...)


Many of the Data Frame operations (Pan, Zoom, turning layers on or off, changing symbology, etc.) can be performed even when in Layout View. Other aspects of the Data Frame (such as annotation and labels) cannot be accessed, by default, when in Layout View. Using the Focus Data Frame option, enables greater Data Frame access from the Layout View.


First an example of setting Label Properties and using the Add Label tool.


To set Label Properties, open the Layers Properties sheet.


In the Layer Properties, click on the Labels tab and set the symbol properties (color,  font, style, etc.) as desired.

Click on the Placement Properties button for more options


For linear features, one might choose Curved (similar to Spline text) or Parallel (which is rotated but not Splined).

Other options include placement on, above or below the line (Position), and how to handle duplicates, etc.


Now, one could Add Labels (for all features), or you can use the Add Label tool to selectively label features


Accept (or modify the Label Tool Options). Close or leave open as desired.


Clicking on a feature (e.g., a road) will add a Label using the Label Properties as set (see above)


Click again to add more Labels (note the 'Curved' aspect)




Switching to Layout View...


By default, you are not able to select and edit (text edits, location, etc.) from the Layout View.

To overcome this limitation, you can change the Focus (from the Layout to the Data Frame) using the Focus Data Frame button (or by double clicking on the Data Frame in the Layout)


Note how the edges of the Data Frame (in the Layout) change to a hatched line to indicate the Focus


Optionally zoom in on the page (using the Layout Zoom not the Data Frame Zoom)


Labels can now be selected (using the Select tool) and edited


...or repositioned


Return to full page zoom to see entire page again


Click once outside of the Data Frame to switch the Focus off




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