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How to Spline Text


Labels can be manually added and rotated to 'fit' the linework of a feature (such as a road). For curved features (such as a river), the Spline Text tool can provide further customization.


First, make sure that the Draw toolbar is visible.



Font, color, size, etc. for text can be set before or after text is created. Setting these options first will prevent having to later select numerous labels and change them individually.


For regular text, use the New Text tool (from the Draw toolbar)


Click and type... then enter


Note that font size, color, style are already set.

Right-click and choose Properties to edit or modify (or add a second line of text)


To change the Angle, enter a number and click OK or Apply


Angled text:


Delete angled text.


For Splined text, use the New Splined Text tool (from the Draw toolbar)


First create a line for the text to follow - click once...


and again...


and again... - as many clicks (vertices) as needed - this often takes some experimenting to get correct

(Note that vertices can be modified later too)


Double click to finish up the Spline

Enter text as usual


Spline text


Use the Edit Vertices (from the Draw toolbar) to modify the spline (text must be selected)


Can move the entire text...


Or can move one of the vertices (the greenish boxes)


Or can adjust the vertex 'handles' (pink boxes) to increase/decrease the amount of curve between vertices


can get kind of weird looking (shorter handles are less radical)


Use the Select Elements tool to quit editing vertices


Can also modify the text as usual, via Right-click and Properties


Changes to text will still follow the spline


Like so...


Changes to font or font size will likewise still follow the spline...


Like so


Work to get the right font, size and spline to fit the feature (at the desired map scale)...



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