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Printing to 11x17 Paper from ArcGIS in AH-16


See also:

    Printing 11x17 (or bigger) Maps to 8.5x11 Paper

    Printing Drafts of larger maps (at a reduced size) on 11x17 paper


Note: Printing from other software (e.g., .pdf files, etc) will be similar to the steps detailed below...



Choose Page and Print Setup from the File menu

For the printer Name, choose \\WWU\ah16-hp9050-2.Huxley.wwu

    (this should be the default printer)

For Paper Size, choose 11x17

Choose Portrait or Landscape as appropriate

OPTIONAL: If you have Unchecked the Use Printer Paper Settings box you will need to set the Map Page Size to Tabloid (and choose Portrait or Landscape as appropriate)

Click OK



Compose map as desired...


When ready to print, choose Print from the File menu

    Verify that the settings are still set for the HP 9050 printer

        (use the Setup button to modify settings if needed)

Click OK


If print comes out on 8x11 paper (and not on 11x17 paper)...

Check to make sure there is 11x17 paper loaded in Tray 3


If paper is still not the correct size:

    Click the Setup button (see above graphic) to return to the Page and Print Setup sheet

    Click the Properties button (next to the hp-9050 box - see top graphic)

    In the hp-9050 properties sheet, choose the Paper/Quality tab

     Set the Size to 11x17

    Set the paper Source to Tray 3


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