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Switching between ArcInfo and ArcEditor (stand alone)

(via a Script or the Desktop Administrator)


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Switching between using the License Manager and a Stand Alone License:

    In the SAL, Using a Batch File Script

    Not in the SAL, Using the Desktop Administrator



License Manager vs. Stand Alone Licenses


    ArcGIS software has two licensing possibilities: a 'stand alone' license installed on a local computer or a 'license manager' software that 'serves' licenses to networked computers from a central computer server. The computers in SAL (AH-14, -16, -24 and ES-318) connect to a Huxley Server to access a license manager for ArcGIS (using the ArcINFO license). In most cases this works fine, enabling full access to all of the tools and functionality of ArcGIS/ArcINFO. If, however, the license manager server is unavailable (either due to network failure or the server being temporarily down) ArcGIS will not be able to start up as a license cannot be obtained. In this situation it is still possible to use ArcGIS by switching from ArcINFO to the stand alone version of ArcEDITOR. This is typically done via the Desktop Administrator (see below). On the SAL copmputers, however, this is accomplished via a script.


    If you attempt to start ArcGIS and get an error message to the effect of:



then you will need to switch over to the Stand Alone version (ArcEDITOR) in order to be able to use ArcGIS.



Using the License Switching Script (available on the SAL computers)

        - Make sure ArcMap and ArcCatalog are closed.
        - From the Start menu, choose Programs \ ArcGIS \ Select License Levels

        - Choose the desired script to switch to ArcEditor or ArcInfo

            (if you do not have access to the License Manger you will have to use ArcEditor)

        - Open ArcMap and/or ArcCatalog as usual


Note that with ArcEditor some of the tools in ArcToolbox are not available.



Using the Desktop Administrator

    With a standard installation of ArcGIS the user would not have access to the scripts used above. Instead they would have to use the Desktop Administrator to change license levels (NOTE that the Desktop Administrator is not available to a non-admin user in the SAL labs, thus students have to use the scripts detailed above).

    To switch from ArcINFO (using the License Manager) to ArcEDITOR (stand alone):


        - Choose Desktop Administrator from the Start / Programs / ArcGIS / menu

            NOTE: if the server is down, this make take 5+ minutes to open, clicking

            on Desktop Administrator a second or third time will not speed the process...

        - From the Desktop Administrator dialog box, choose Software Product

        - Choose ArcEditor (Single Use)

            - Click OK

            - Open ArcGIS as usual


        Note that you will be now using the ArcEDITOR version of ArcGIS instead of ArcINFO. The difference will only be noticed in the reduced list of the ArcToolbox tools.




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