Business and Sustainability

Business and Sustainability


Western's Business and Sustainability program combines business practices with the principles of sustainability—it is housed in the Department of Management and offered jointly with the Huxley College of the Environment. The program combines three areas of study that give graduates the knowledge and skills to operate in a changing economic and social environment. Students gain:

  • A fundamental knowledge of economics, giving them the skills to apply economic analysis to problems in sustainable business faced by modern organizations.
  • A fundamental knowledge of environmental science and policy, giving them the ability to understand the social and political climate as well as the scientific issues involved in sustainable business.
  • An extensive knowledge of business and management in the context of business sustainability, giving them the basic skills needed to succeed in organizations.

The State of Washington is a leader in responding to environmental issues and Western’s degree in Business and Sustainability is an action component of the state's initiatives. 

Western’s Management Department is part of the College of Business and Economics.

Locations Offered

Programming and curriculum may vary by location.

Portrait of Kyla Hall rock climbing

“I chose my major because I wanted to graduate with a practical toolkit to help make businesses more environmentally responsible.

In my four years at Western I successfully completed five Business and Supply Chain internships totaling 1,500 hours (including an internship at Boeing). This valuable in-the-field experience has allowed me to bridge the gap between the conceptual classroom learning and application in the workplace.” -Kyla Hall, Business and Sustainability major

Kyla Hall
Business and Sustainability Alumni

Beyond the Classroom

Whether it’s interactive classroom learning experiences, clubs, or internships, the College of Business and Economics helps students get involved with the business community, provides networking opportunities, and prepares students to enter the workforce.  

  • Study Abroad: Study business at institutions around the world through Western's study abroad program.
  • International Business Club: Build networks between peers, graduates, and business professionals involved with the international community.
  • Internships: Western students receive encouragement and support in finding relevant internships in the field.

Careers and Graduate Studies

The Business and Sustainability program prepares a student to analyze environmental and social issues from multiple perspectives, decide on action steps to deal with those issues, and then implement those action steps successfully. Need for these actions will only grow as environmental issues, including climate change, waste, and pollution become more central in the operations of organizations.



Sample Jobs

  • Environmental Sustainability Manager 
  • Sustainability Design Professional 
  • Energy Efficiency Analyst 
  • Director of Energy Policy and Programs 
  • Supply Chain Analyst

Requirements and Course Details

To learn more about this program, including grade requirements, a course listing, how to declare the major, and more, see the Program of Study Details.