Pre-Professional Pathways are not offered as majors at Western, nor are they at most other universities, but they can be incorporated into or taken alongside any degree-granting major offered at Western.

Although Western does not offer a pre-licensure nursing degree, there are a variety of options for preparing to pursue a career as a nurse. In order to become a Registered Nurse (RN) you will need to pass a state board examination (NCLEX) following completion of a certified nursing program usually in one of three settings:

  • Community college (ASN, Associate of Science in Nursing)
  • Four-year university (BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  • Graduate program (MSN, Masters of Science in Nursing; a “direct entry masters” is a master’s program that accepts students with a bachelor’s degree but who do not have their RN credential).

To be eligible for a nursing education program, students must complete a specified set of prerequisites and obtain volunteer or paid health care experience. Students may work on completing the prerequisites at Western and apply for entry into an ASN or BSN program elsewhere, with or without completing a degree at Western. Completion of a bachelor’s degree is required for a direct-entry MSN program.

Beyond the Classroom

Western's Pre-Healthcare Professions Advising Office provides mentoring and advising to students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare professions. The office works with students to enhance their chances of gaining successful admission to the professional school of their choice. Services range from individual academic advisement to preparing students for the final application process.

Western's Associated Students is home to 200+ clubs, including those for students pursuing healthcare professions.

Careers and Graduate Studies

By 2020, nursing career requirements are predicted to require a BSN degree for many, or most positions. Western currently offers an RN to BSN program if you are interested in completing your bachelor’s degree after obtaining RN credentials at a community college. 


Sample Jobs

  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse

Requirements and Course Details

To learn more about this program, including grade requirements, a course listing, how to declare the major, and more, see the Program of Study Details.