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The WWU Campus Map is an interactive webmap was developed by Western Washington University (WWU) students at the Spatial Institute (SI) within Huxley College of the Environment. This map was developed for WWU Academic Technology and User Services (ATUS) to provide tools for campus navigation and exploration. Spatial data for this project has been collected from multiple campus and City of Bellingham sources.


  • Use the Features dropdown menu to turn different layers of campus map features on / off
  • Use the Building, Services, Key Places or Department dropdown menus to zoom to a particular location on campus
  • Use the Legend button to open / close a Map Key
  • Click on a building (or other map feature) for additional information and links


  • Click and drag the map to Pan across the campus
  • The zoom slider (upper right) can be used to Zoom in / out
  • The mouse scroll wheel can also be used to Zoom in / out
  • Hold down the shift button and left-click-hold-drag to drag a box around a particular area of interest to zoom in to that area


  • The central focus of the map is the main WWU Campus in Bellingham, WA
  • Additionally, publicly-owned green spaces (i.e., Sehome Arboretum, Forest & Cedar Park, etc.) are included for neighborhood context
  • Off-campus locations also mapped include Shannon Pt. Marine Center and the Lakewood Watersports Facility

CUSTOM URL's (see notes and list below)

  • Departments and Offices on campus can use a custom URL to link to the map zoomed in directly to their building
  • Custom URL's can also be used to link to the map with different individual layers turned ON already (i.e., a Parking map with the Parking features turned on)
  • See list of building and Feature layer URL's below, along with notes on using these URL's


Cartography by Josh Jones, Jacob Lesser, Ben Kane and Stefan Freelan, 2011-18.

Feedback, edits or suggestions for the map are welcome: Stefan@wwu.edu

Site Icons:

Paper designed by John Caserta from The Noun Project. Chair designed by Liza Keller from The Noun Project. Book designed by Alessandro Suraci from The Noun Project. Star from The Noun Project. Institution designed by Spencer Cohen from The Noun Project. Museum designed by Joris Hoogendoorn from The Noun Project. Globe from The Noun Project.

Map Icons:

Lookout Tower from The Noun Project. Camera from The Noun Project. Bus designed by Roger Cook and Don Shanosky from The Noun Project. Coffee designed by Roger Cook and Don Shanosky from The Noun Project. Restaurant designed by Roger Cook and Don Shanosky from The Noun Project. Bicycle designed from The Noun Project. Scooter designed from The Noun Project.

Other map icons created by students at WWU, 2012.



The Spatial Institute is a part of Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. The Spatial Institute provides a venue for collaborative research and exchange of spatial information and analysis among Huxley College faculty, students and staff and the larger community.

Academic Technology and User Services is a department within Western Washington University whose employees are dedicated to effectively integrating technological services in the campus educational experience.

This webmap was developed using ESRI's ArcGIS and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


Related Maps and Links:


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Custom URL Map Links:

Departments, offices, services, events and individuals are encouraged to use a Custom URL to link directly to the building they wish to highlight. Additional, map links can be used that will display the map with a specified Feature layer (i.e., Parking, Accessibility, Food Services, etc.) turned ON. Below is a list of custom URL's that can be used for the different layers and building.


Custom URL's that will draw the map with a specific Feature Layer turned ON:


Custom URL's that will ZOOM the map to a specific Building:

Map Link
Visitor's Center (Parking) CS Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CS
Academic Instructional Center AI Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AI
Academic Instructional West AW Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AW
Administrative Services Center AC Administration http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AC
Alumni House AL Administration http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AL
Archives Building AB State Archives http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AB
Armory AR Miscellaneous http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AR
Arntzen Hall AH Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AH
Art Annex AA Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=AA
Biology BI Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BI
Birnam Wood   University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BW
Birnam Wood Community BC University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BC
Birnam Wood Laundry BL Miscellaneous http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BL
Bond Hall BH Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BH
Bookstore BK Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BK
Buchanan Towers BT University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=BT
Campus Services (Parking) CS Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CS
Canada House CA Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CA
Carver Gymnasium CV Academic & Events http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CV
Chemistry Building CB Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CB
College Hall CH Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CH
Commissary CM Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CM
Communications Facility CF Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CF
Edens Hall EH University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=EH
Edens Hall North EN University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=EN
Environmental Studies ES Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=ES
Fairhaven Cabin FS Miscellaneous http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=FS
Fairhaven College FC Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=FC
Fairhaven Towers   University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=FT
Fine Arts Building FI Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=FI
Fraser Hall FR Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=FR
Haggard Hall HH Library http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=HH
Higginson Hall HG University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=HG
High Street Hall HS Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=HS
Highland Hall HI University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=HI
Humanities Building HU Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=HU
Mathes Hall MA University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=MA
Miller Hall MH Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=MH
Nash Hall NA University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=NA
Old Main OM Administration http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=OM
Parking Office CS Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CS
Parks Hall PH Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=PH
PAC (Performing Arts Center) PA Academic & Events http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=PA
Physical Plant PP Administration http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=PP
Recreation Center SV Recreation & Events http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=SV
Ridgeway Alpha RA University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RA
Ridgeway Beta RB University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RB
Ridgeway Commons RC University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RC
Ridgeway Delta RD University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RD
Ridgeway Gamma RG University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RG
Ridgeway Kappa RK University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RK
Ridgeway Omega RO University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RO
Ridgeway Sigma RS University Residence http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=RS
Ross Engineering Technology ET Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=ET
SMATE (Sci. Math and Tech. Ed.) SL Academic http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=SL
Steam Plant SP Miscellaneous http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=SP
Viking Commons VC Campus Services & Events http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=VC
Viking Union VU Campus Services & Events http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=VU
Visitor's Center (Parking) CS Campus Services http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=CS
Wade King Recreation Center SV Recreation & Events http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=SV
Wilson Library WL Library http://www.wwu.edu/map/?building=WL



And if you want a truly custom map, you can also combine multiple Feature layers and/or Feature layer(s) with a specific Building location. For example:

  • Map with Computer Labs and Food Services turned On:


  • The Viking Union with the Accessibility layer turned On:


  • Arntzen Hall with Transportation and Parking turned On:




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