Campus Buildings

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Visitor Information CS Campus Services
Academic Instructional Center AI Academic
Academic Instructional West AW Academic
Administrative Services Center AC Administration
Alma Clark Glass Hall CG University Residence
Alumni House AL Administration
Archives Building AB State Archives
Arntzen Hall AH Academic
Art Annex AA Academic
Biology BI Academic
Birnam Wood   University Residence
Birnam Wood Community BC University Residence
Birnam Wood Laundry BL Miscellaneous
Bond Hall BH Academic
Bookstore (Viking Union) VU Campus Services
Buchanan Towers BT University Residence
Campus Services (Visitor Info) CS Campus Services
Canada House CA Academic
Carver CV Academic & Events
(Morse Hall) Chemistry Building CB Academic
College Hall CH Academic
Commissary CM Campus Services
Communications Facility CF Academic
Edens Hall EH University Residence
Edens Hall North EN University Residence
Environmental Studies ES Academic
(Ross) Engineering Technology ET Academic
Fairhaven Cabin FS Miscellaneous
Fairhaven College FC Academic
Fairhaven Complex FX University Residence
Fine Arts Building FI Academic
Fraser Hall FR Academic
Haggard Hall HH Library
Higginson Hall HG University Residence
High Street Hall HS Campus Services
Humanities Building HU Academic
Mathes Hall MA University Residence
Miller Hall MH Academic
Morse Hall Chemistry Building CB Academic
Nash Hall NA University Residence
Old Main OM Administration
Parks Hall PH Academic
PAC (Performing Arts Center) PA Academic & Events
Physical Plant PP Administration
(Wade King) Recreation Center SV Recreation & Events
Ridgeway Alpha RA University Residence
Ridgeway Beta RB University Residence
Ridgeway Commons RC University Residence
Ridgeway Delta RD University Residence
Ridgeway Gamma RG University Residence
Ridgeway Kappa RK University Residence
Ridgeway Omega RO University Residence
Ridgeway Sigma RS University Residence
Ross Engineering Technology ET Academic
Science Lecture Hall (SMATE) SL Academic
SMATE (Sci. Math and Tech. Ed.) SL Academic
Steam Plant SP Miscellaneous
Viking Commons VC Campus Services & Events
Viking Union (Bookstore) VU Campus Services & Events
Visitor Information CS Campus Services
Wade King Recreation Center SV Recreation & Events
Wilson Library WL Library
404 24TH Street (Hacker) R03 Miscellaneous
408 20TH Street (Fassler) R02 Miscellaneous
800-802 Indian Street (Miller) R08 Miscellaneous
804-806 Indian Terrace (Bame) R07 Miscellaneous
808 Indian Street (Whitfield) R06 Miscellaneous
812 Indian Terrace (Casey B) R10 Miscellaneous
818 Indian Terrace (Casey A) R09 Miscellaneous
914 24TH Street (Graham) R01 Miscellaneous
Antenna Building AN Miscellaneous
Armory Motor Pool Shed AS Miscellaneous
Athletic Storage Facility Miscellaneous
Baseball Field Storage SB Miscellaneous
Biology Greenhouse BG Miscellaneous
Bus Shelter BS Miscellaneous
Engineering Storage EU Miscellaneous
Equipment Shed EQ Miscellaneous
Fairhaven Bridge FU Miscellaneous
Fairhaven Playground Building FV Miscellaneous
Maintenance Fuel Shed MF Miscellaneous
Maintenance Garage MG Miscellaneous
Maintenance Warehouse MW Miscellaneous
Marshalling Storage MS Miscellaneous
Marshalling Yard MY Miscellaneous
Recycle Center RE Miscellaneous
Service Storage Shed SE Miscellaneous
Tennis Equipment Building TD Miscellaneous
Track Bunker TB Miscellaneous
Track Equipment Building TE Miscellaneous
Upholstery Shop US Miscellaneous


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