Marine Science Scholars Program Shannon Point Marine Center

Marine Science Distinguished Scholars

Western’s Marine Science Distinguished Scholars Program is a selective, small group experience for incoming freshmen. The program is planned and organized by faculty from Western’s marine research station, the Shannon Point Marine Center, who will work closely with students throughout the duration of the program.

Benefits of the Marine Science Distinguished Scholars Program include:

  • live and learn at the Shannon Point Marine Center, for a two-week hands-on course prior to the start of your first Fall Quarter at Western (MACS 110) and the course continues through Fall Quarter
  • exclusive registration for a special series of 1-credit seminars addressing contemporary issues, such as pollution, global climate change, and sustainable fisheries
  • close involvement with marine scientists at the Shannon Point Marine Center who instruct courses for the Marine Science Distinguished Scholars Program
  • interact with invited professionals from a variety of marine science career tracks
  • stay informed on how to get involved with marine science and conservation through internships, research and outreach opportunities, and lectures.

High achieving students are invited to apply if they have demonstrated academic excellence. Interested students should indicate Marine and Coastal Science, Biology or Environmental Science as an academic interest on their application for admission and will be sent an invitation to apply for the Marine Science Scholars Program this Winter.

Participants are never locked into declaring a certain major. The committee selects students based on the information they provided in their application for admission — including grades, test scores, essay, unique extracurricular involvement, and specific interest in the marine sciences. For more information or questions, please contact Grace Jones or call (360) 650-3443 or see FAQs.

How To Apply

You needn’t be a Marine Science Scholar to study Marine Biology at Western. Any student (freshman or transfer) interested in Marine Biology is encouraged to pursue the Biology – Marine Emphasis major at Western. But the specific Marine Science Scholars Program is a separate, competitive, invitation-only opportunity for select incoming freshmen. There is no initial, separate application. All eligible, high-achieving high school seniors are automatically considered without any separate application needed, and may receive a special invitation to apply based on excellent high school grades and marine biology experience/interest as indicated in their application for general admission to Western Washington University.

Note: For MACS 110, the pre-Fall, two-week experience at Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC) in Anacortes, a housing and dining fee of $550 is required to participate in this course. The course tuition will be covered as part of the regular Fall Quarter tuition charges, although students who register for more than 14 credits during the regular Fall Quarter session will be charged for any extra credits.

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