Disability Access Information

WWU Disability Parking Regulations

WAC 516-12-450 Permits. (7) Persons with a temporary or permanent physical disability who require special parking consideration must obtain a state disabled parking permit as well as a valid WWU disabled parking permit.

WWU disability parking spaces require both the state permit and a Western Washington University (WWU) permit Monday-Friday 7:00AM-4:30PM.  Only the state disability permit is required after 4:30PM, Monday-Friday and all hours on weekends.

How to Obtain a Quarterly/Academic/Annual WWU Disability Permit

The WWU disability permit is available at Parking Services. You must have a valid registered state disability permit; proof of registration may be requested to confirm the distribution of the WWU permit. A valid WWU permit and a State disability placard are required to park on campus. For rate information visit the Permits page.

Disability Parking for Campus Visitors

Daytime hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 4:30pm): A WWU permit is required along with your state disability placard. You can obtain a permit in lot C or 6V at the pay station or by using the Parkmobile app(Use Zone 1212). This permit, along with your disability placard, will allow you to park in any disability space on campus. If the disability space nearest your destination is full, you can park in an adjacent, non-reserved, space.

After hours (Monday – Friday after 4:30pm, all day Saturday and Sunday): During these hours a WWU permit is not required as long as you are hanging your state disability placard. You can park in any available disability space or adjacent space.

Disability Spaces

Disability spaces are located throughout campus and are marked with the state regulatory sign for each space. Disability van accessible spaces are also available as signed and will have the ladder area next to the space to allow for extra access.

No Disability Space in Lot - Displaced

If all disability spaces are taken or there are no disability spaces in the lot; park in the next closest (regular) parking space. Reserved spaces and load zones remain restricted.

Quarter/Academic/Annual Permit Assignment

Permit assignments for state registered disabilities will be issued for the disability spaces on campus. The fee is based on the lowest full time permit available.


The permit assignment is only valid for the faculty, staff, or student it was assigned to. The permit is the property of WWU Parking Services, and cannot be transferred or given to another individual.

Misuse of Permit

Individuals dropping off a passenger with a disability and then parking may not park in a disability space. The driver and person with the disability need to park and exit the vehicle at the same location to be considered valid use of the state/WWU disabled permit. 

Misuse of the permit will be reported to the Parking Manager for review. The manager will contact the owner of the permit to resolve the issue. Continued misuse of the permit may result in a parking revocation (loss of parking privileges) on campus.

Expired State Disability Permit

If the state permit has expired, but the WWU issued permit has not, a disability space may not be used. Both the state and WWU permit must be valid to park in the disability space.

Permit holder will need to provide a copy of their new state permit for our records/verification. If the state permit is not renewed, a new permit assignment will be issued based on the waiting list and time left on permit.

Temporary disabilities do not override the priority system for either faculty/staff or student assignment process.

More Information on Washington State Disability Options

More information on different types of disability permits or criteria is available online at Washington Department of Licensing.

Additional WWU disability information is available online through the Equal Opportunity office.

Campus Accessibility Map

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Disability Space Locations

Accessibility map.

Lot # of Spaces
10G 17
11G 5
12A 3
15R 2
17G 12
19G 6
1R 2
22G 1
23V 2
24G 1
27R 3
29G 4
32G 4
6V 4
8G 5
Archive Department 1
Artnzen Ramp/SVR 3
Bond Hall Cul-de-Sac 4
Chem/Bio/Science 2
Edens Service Road 3
Fairhave Service Road 1
Nash Turn-Around 2