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All general motor vehicle traffic on Campus is controlled by applicable state and local laws and regulations, in addition to WAC 516-12.
On-Campus parking is controlled by WAC 516-12.


Payment of fines due must be made within seven (7) days of date on which the citation was issued. Payments made by cash or check must be made in person Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., at the Student Business Office in Old Main 110, located at 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225. Payments may also be submitted by U.S. Postal Service to the Parking Services office or made by phone at (360)650-2945. There is no fee to make payments of fines by phone or mail. The citation number should be included with any payment made in order to ensure proper credit to your account. DO NOT send cash by mail.

All appeals of the citation must be made within no more than seven (7) days from the date on which the citation was issued or the right to appeal is forfeited. The filing of a request for appeal will toll the period for payment until such time as a decision has been issued regarding any pending appeal. Appeals are filed by completed and submitting the Appeal Form. The appeals procedure is described more completely and may be reviewed in WAC 516-12-480. Without written authorization of the Public Safety Director, Appeals Board reviews can only be filed once citations have been paid in full.

Payment of fines which have not been received by the 13th day after the date on which the citation was issued will be assessed a $15.00 late fee. Payments not received by the 34th day after the date on which the citation was issued will be assessed an additional $20.00 late fee. Note that this late fee is in addition to the fee assessed after the 13th day has passed without payment of the outstanding fine.

The permit holder and any registered owner of the vehicle which is involved in a violation of the University’s parking regulations are jointly and severally liable for the violation.

Fines not paid may be referred to a collection agency, resulting in a registration hold for students, and/or the inability to purchase future WWU parking permits. Failure to pay the fines for two or more citations may result in impounding or towing of the vehicle, which will result in additional fees to the vehicle’s owner.

The University assumes no liability for damages which may result from the use of a wheel lock device, towing, storage, or any attempts to move a vehicle with a wheel lock device installed.


All vehicles must be associated with a valid University permit when parked on Campus. A valid permit must be purchased at a pay station, through the Park Mobile app or through Western’s parking Portal or in person at the Student Business Office. University parking permits must be linked to the vehicles' license plate at the time of purchase. Accurate entry of license plate information is required for a permit to be valid. Except as provided in WAC 516-12-430(3) or (11), vehicles may only be parked in the parking areas or lots for the type of permit issued for that vehicle. Parking areas are posted to indicate the type of permit required for that area or lot, including the times that a permit is required.

Parking is prohibited in any area not specifically marked as a parking space, designated by a sign, wheel stop, white painted lines, and/or white traffic buttons. Parking in loading zones is limited to the time posted for that zone. Spaces designated for specific use are restricted to that designated use or to assigned vehicles.

Parking Services retains the right to relocate parkers from their assigned permitted lot in the event of certain conditions including but not limited to; construction or safety concerns in a lot, overfull conditions, special events on campus, weather related conditions such as flooding, ice or snow, other.

Visitors may park in the C lot located on the south end of campus, in designated hourly parking spaces in lots 17G and 7G, or in the visitor Lot 6V located below the Viking Union Building on North Garden Street. Payment for hourly visitor parking is required at a pay station or pay by cell using the Park Mobile App. Faculty, staff and students riding a motorcycle to campus must park in lots with an "M" designation and have purchased a motorcycle permit. Visitors riding a motorcycle to campus may park in vehicle parking space with a valid permit purchased at a pay station. Vehicles may not park in areas assigned to motorcycles.

Resident student lots have an “R” designation and are ALWAYS restricted (on a 24-hour basis) to permit holders.

Persons with a temporary or permanent disability who require special parking consideration must obtain a state disability parking permit in addition to a valid WWU disability parking permit.

A personal note or business card describing reasons for not observing parking permit requirements left on a parked vehicle or a vehicle that has been parked in an unauthorized manner will not be accepted and are subject to citation.

Vehicles must not use more than one space when parking.

The violation of any parking regulation by another vehicle does not constitute a valid excuse for violating any of these regulations.

Parking permits are owned by the University and are only issued to the student, employee or other member of the University who has purchased the permit. Ownership is non-transferable; faculty, staff or students who purchase an annual, academic or quarterly parking permit may use the permit on any vehicle they drive but may not transfer ownership of the permit. Be advised that the individual to whom a parking permit is issued is jointly responsible with the registered owner of a vehicle for parking violations by any vehicle bearing the permit.

Permits may be recalled by the public safety director when:

  1. The purpose for which the permit was issued changes or ceases to exist;
  2. An application or registration for parking has been falsified;
  3. A permit holder fails to comply with a judgment of the appeals board;
  4. A permit holder fails to pay an outstanding fine/citation;
  5. A wheel lock applied by parking services is removed without authorization; or
  6. A permit is transferred without authorization.


Term of Permit

  • Annual permits are valid for twelve (12) months.
  • Academic permits are valid for nine (9) months.
  • Quarterly permits are valid from the first day of the quarter for which issued and must be renewed on or before the first day of the next quarter.

Salaried employees of the University have the option of paying for their parking through Payroll Deduction.


Refunds will not be made upon revocation of a parking permit by the public safety director. Refunds on parking permits may be made if unpaid fines and fees have been paid and will be based on the valid time remaining on the permit in accordance with the Parking Services Refund Schedule. No refunds will be made for a quarterly permit after the first thirty (30) calendar days of any quarter. Unused quarters may be refunded in whole or at prorated rates if the refund has been requested prior to expiration of the first thirty (30) days of the Quarter for which the refund has been requested.

A service charge will be assessed for any refunds as follows:

  1. A change of permit when a lot transfer is requested by the permit holder and approved by the public safety director;
  2. Any permit returned for a refund;
  3. A change in hours issued on a part-time permit;
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