Parking Regulations

The Western Washington University parking system is operated and maintained in accordance with Washington State policy as a self-supported department receiving no state funds.

At Western, as at other institutions, parking is an increasingly serious issue. The university recognizes the need for personal vehicles use, but cannot furnish parking spaces for all vehicles. The university will attempt to make the best possible use of the limited parking spaces available to enhance the mission of the university.

Students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors are responsible for proper operation of their vehicles. Ignorance of the regulations does not constitute a valid defense for the failure to observe the regulations and will not release violators from penalties.

For the general welfare of the university community, to maintain personal and public safety, and reduce inconvenience for all, each vehicle operator should practice courtesy to operate and park their vehicles in accordance with the university regulations.


WWU Parking Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate safety and access to and around campus by users. These regulations apply to anyone seeking motor vehicle access to campus. These regulations are intended to:

  • Protect pedestrians and assure access at all times for emergency traffic;
  • Regulate parking by assigning limited parking space and hours of operation for the most efficient use;
  • Regulate motor vehicles and minimize traffic disturbances on campus;


WWU follows Washington State Legislature chapters:


*Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Page Updated 11.22.2017