2018-2019 Fees & Rates

Fees and rates are reviewed annually by the Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC). PTAC may propose fee and rate changes to the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs (BFA). Fees and rate proposals reviewed and approved by the VP of BFA may be moved forward for review by the President’s Council. Fees and rates reviewed and approved by the Presidents Council are implemented September 1st after approval.

Bike Violations

  • Failure to use due care and caution.
  • Failure to stay in control of bicycle.
  • Failure to obey dismount policy.
  • Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian.
  • Riding on lawn or other restricted area.

Bicycle Violation & Impound Fees

1st Offense $15.00
2nd offense $30.00
3rd and there after $60.00

Skateboard/Skates Violations

Using skateboard, coaster, and/or in-line skates.

1st Offense $15.00
2nd offense and thereafter $60.00

Parking Violation Fees

Blocking Traffic $36.00
Disabled space $314.00
Driveway or walkway violation $36.00
Expired (car tabs)-1st $104.00
Expired (car tabs)-2nd $200.00
Fire hydrant or fire lane $67.00
Grass or landscaped area $36.00
Improper entry of vehicle license plate $25.00
No parking zone $36.00
No valid permit $36.00
Occupying more than one space $26.00
Overtime Parking $36.00
Prohibited area $36.00
Reserved area $67.00
2nd vehicle parked on single permit $36.00
Motorcycle without a permit $21.00

Delinquent Citation Fees

Fee added after 13th day $15.00
Fee added after 34th day $20.00

Collection Fees

Price of citation (+) 50%

Immobilization (Wheel Lock)

Immobilization fee $100.00
Seized vehicle daily storage fee $15.00

WWU Disability Parking Regulations

WAC 516-12-450 Permits. (7) Persons with a temporary or permanent physical disability who require special parking consideration must obtain a state disabled parking permit as well as a valid WWU disabled parking permit.

WWU disability parking spaces require both the state permit and a Western Washington University (WWU) permit Monday-Friday 7:00AM-4:30PM. Only the state disability permit is required after 4:30PM, Monday-Friday and all hours on weekends.

Click here for more disability information.