Registrar's Office

Degree FAQs

What if I make changes to my courses after I have applied for graduation?

Substitutions or waivers granted by departments after the graduation evaluation has been completed must be approved in writing by the advisor and submitted to Degree Evaluation in the Registrar's Office, Old Main 230. A printable course substitution form is available.

What happens if I don’t complete my minor?

If you have applied for a minor but do not complete all the minor requirements, your degree will be awarded without the minor as long as the minor is not required for your program. You must notify a degree evaluator (360) 650-3985 or by email if you wish the degree to be held pending completion of the minor.

I am completing one of my final requirements at another institution, where do I send the transcript after the course is completed?

Official transcripts for coursework from other institutions should be ordered and sent to WWU, Registrar's Office, 516 High St., Bellingham, WA 98225-9008.

What happens if I have a K grade in a course?

Courses that are required for the degree and have incomplete status ("K" grade) must be completed—and the final grade submitted by the instructor—by the end of the graduation quarter. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor to ensure timely submission and processing of the final grade.

When does a self-paced course grade have to be in?

Grades for self-paced courses are due at the end of the graduation quarter.

Can I continue taking classes at WWU after I graduate?

If you plan to continue enrollment at WWU after graduation and interrupt your enrollment for a quarter other than summer, you will need to apply for readmission by contacting the Office of Admissions, Old Main 200, 360-650-3440. Otherwise, you are eligible to register as a post-baccalaureate student. Registration information is available online.

Can I petition to have a degree requirement waived?

We do not accept petitions for waivers of the 180 minimum total credit requirement, the 60 credit upper-division requirement, the 2.0 minimum GPA requirement, or petitions for waivers based on life or travel experience. A student should contact a degree evaluator in the Registrar’s Office to initiate a petition for a waiver of a degree requirement by email or phone (360) 650-3985.

Who can I talk to about having a transfer course count as a GUR?

A student should contact a degree evaluator in the Registrar's Office to initiate a petition to use a transfer course as a GUR by email or phone (360) 650-3985.

What happens if I don’t complete all my degree requirements?

If all degree requirements are not completed by the close of the quarter, a notification will be sent to your student email address informing you of the problem(s). If the problems are not resolved by the date on the letter your degree will not be awarded and your graduation file will become inactive. You will then need to reapply to this office for graduation under the requirements in effect at the time of your future graduation. Click here for a reapplication form.

I’m a former WWU student who didn’t finish my degree. How can I find out what I would need now to complete requirements?

Submit a Request via the Degree Requirements Review form.