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CAPP Degree Evaluation

CAPP Degree Evaluation compares WWU and transfer course work against degree requirements for students with a catlog year of 2003-2004 to 2015-2016. CAPP Degree Evaluation is not designed to replace advisors, but it is a great tool to make the path to graduation day an easier one. You can initiate an online Degree Evaluation via Web4U.

Student Responsibility

As a degree seeking student at WWU, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are taking the courses your program requires for graduation. Beginning with your first quarter, you should familiarize yourself with the CAPP Degree Evaluation as your degree requirements are listed on it. Prior to registration, you should run your CAPP Degree Evaluation to review outstanding requirements and monitor academic progress.

Important Reminders

  • CAPP Degree Evaluation can only be used for University Catalog years beginning 2003-2014 to 2015-2016. Requirements for future catalogs are not available. Students with a catalog year of 2016-2017 and later should use WWU's new online degree evaluation system Degree Works.
  • Course-by-course transfer equivalents are available for students entering Winter 2006 and later. Non-transferable courses will not appear on CAPP Degree Evaluation reports.
  • For all students, Degree Evaluation evaluates the GUR based on the current requirements.

Help with Online Degree Evaluation

Documentation (PDFs)

How to Run a CAPP Degree Evaluation for Students
How to Run a CAPP Degree Evaluation for Advisors
Glossary of CAPP Degree Evaluation Terms
Glossary of Course Attributes for CAPP Degree Evaluation
FAQ’s for Students
FAQ’s for Undergraduate Advisors
Reading the Undergraduate CAPP Degree Evaluation