Registrar's Office

Faculty & Staff Resources

Final Exam Schedule and Future Term Dates can now be found under Calendars.

Course Evaluations

The Registrar's Office provides:

  • Course Evaluations for standard, face-to-face courses with numerous form options based on instructional setting and objectives.
  • Online Course Evaluations designed specifically for distance-learning courses.
  • View Course Evaluations for faculty who have chosen to post results.

Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based academic planning and degree evaluation tool designed to help students and advisors track students’ academic progress toward the completion of their degree or certificate. Degree Works helps students track degree progress, prepare for future courses, and plan their path to graduation.

Scoring Services

Using a Scantron optical mark scanner, Scoring Services can provide machine scoring of tests using standard WWU Answer Sheets, keep a quarterly cumulative file of student IDs, names, and scores by class as well as generate a number of reports.

Final Grade Instructions

Each quarter, primary instructors are required to submit final grades to the Registrar’s Office no later than noon, Tuesday of grade week.

Registration Waitlist

The purpose of the waitlist system is to allow students to get in a queue for available seats once a course has reached capacity. Waitlisting also informs faculty and administration of course demand.


FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Passed by Congress in 1974, FERPA regulates the release of education records and grants four specific rights to students.

Academic Dishonesty

Students should be given explicit information about the Academic Honesty Policy, both in the course syllabus and orally at the initial class meeting, so that they are aware of Western's policy as outlined in Appendix D of the University Catalog and in any policies specific to your department or class. If you, as an instructor, should encounter an incident of academic dishonesty in your class, you should follow the steps outlined in the University Catalog.

Faculty Forms and Links

Many additional scheduling links, forms, and reports used for faculty and staff need are available through the Registrar’s Office.