Registrar's Office

Waitlist Notifications via Text Messaging

The Registrar's Office has responded to feedback from students expressing a desire to receive their Waitlist Notifications on mobile devices via text messages. This feature can be enabled via Web4U. The instructions are as follows:

1. Log into myWestern and click on the Web4U icon.

2. Click the Personal Information link.

3. Click on Cell Phone - View/Update link.

4. Review the cell phone number stored. If your correct number is shown, you can skip ahead to Step 8 below for setting your Opt-In Preferences.

5. To add or update your number, enter it here and click the Update button.

6. Look for the message confirming your number has been updated.

7. Click on the Personal Information tab to return to the menu.

8. Click on the WWU Opt-In Preferences link.

9. Click the Yes button for Registration Waitlist Text Message.

9. Click the Submit button.

10. Verify that your update was saved.

NOTE: Normal text messaging rules and carrier fees may apply. Students are solely responsible for these fees if they decide to use the text message service. Western is not responsible for the text messaging service and is therefore not liable in the unlikely event a carrier drops your message before it arrives on your mobile device.