Submitting a department plan

You will create your plan through the ReADY request system, under the “Department Plans” request icon.

A clipboard outlined in blue with checkmarks on it.

Once you submit the plan, it will be automatically routed to five areas for approval: Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, Space Administration and Facilities Management. The COVID-19 Planning unit will also review the plans for compliance with the Governor’s directive.

If changes are necessary, the plan will be routed back to you for further edits. The final sign-off is from your divisional VP or the Provost or designee, as appropriate.  All communication regarding the plan must stay within ReADY.

Once your plan is finalized, you can begin taking the steps to see it through completion. Follow up will be conducted to support departments in carrying out their plans and to ensure the safety measures outlined in these guidelines are being followed.

Any change to an approved Department Reopening Plan (for new quarters or changes in operating level) require an approved amendment. Amendments can be submitted through the Reopening Plan form, where they will be reviewed by COVID-19 Planning to begin the approval process.

Congratulations! Thank you for prioritizing workplace safety and staff needs in light of all the changes we are experiencing. Please contact with any questions about developing your plan.