PAC Seating Chart. Row B is closest to the stage, Row V is farthest. Facing the stage from the seating area: In rows B-F; left and center = A seats, center/right = B seats, and right = C seats. In rows H-L; left = B seats, center/left of rows H-J = AA seats, center left surrounding the AA seats = A seats, center/right = B seats, right = C seats. Rows M-O = B seats. Rows P-V = C seats

Tickets: $1844

Box Office: (360) 650-6146
located in the Performing Arts Center lobby

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Philip Edward Fisher (U.K.)
October 12, 7:30pm
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Roberto Plano (Italy)
January 18, 7:30pm
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Lise de la Salle (France)
April 28, 3:00pm
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Subscribers may park in lot 11G (highlighted in red on the map below).
Single ticket payers can park in lot 14G for free (highlighted in light blue on the map below).
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Directions to the Concert Hall

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