WWU Courses at SPMC

BIOL 407: Marine Ecology (Spring)

Prereq: BIOL 325 and 326. The structure and function of marine ecosystems with an emphasis on processes in shallow-water and benthic habitats. Investigative field and laboratory studies of local marine and estuarine systems. Miner, 5 credits, R 0800-1650

BIOL 456: Algae (Spring)

Prereq: BIOL 203. Physiology and ecology of macroalgae and phytoplankton; including identification, collection and culture of major algal groups. Laboratory focus on research techniques which are then applied in student independent projects. Mueller Parker, 5 credits, T 0800-1650

ESCI 322: Oceanography Lab (Fall)

Pre- or Coeq: ESCI 321. A laboratory course supplementing lectures in oceanography, especially ESCI 321 and GEOL 340. Emphasis on the coastal ocean as an ecological habitat, and physical oceanography - waves, tides, and currents. Shull, 2 credits, T 1300-1650

ESCI 421: Fisheries Management Lab (Spring)

Prereq: ESCI 421a or concurrent. Field or laboratory experience in typical fisheries management techniques. Especially directed towards marine and freshwater sampling, population identification and quantification, and estimation of management practices. Bodensteiner, 2 credits, W 1300-1650

ESCI 426: Marine Invertebrates and their Environment (Spring)

Prereq: BIOL 202 or equivalent. Classroom and field study of marine invertebrates and adaptation to their environment. Emphasis on identification and study of the diverse Puget Sound marine fauna. Bingham, 5 credits, F 0830-1650

ESCI 444: Sediment Biogeochemistry (Fall)

Introduces concepts in chemical oceanography and methodology of studying sediments and their chemistry. Shull, 4 credits, R 1300-1650

ESCI 521: Biological Oceanography (Spring)

Course will provide a process-oriented view of marine pelagic ecosystems. Areas covered may include biogeography, energetics, food webs, biogeochemical cycles, fisheries oceanography. Laboratory and field work will emphasize current oceanographic techniques. Bodensteiner, 5 credits, W 1300-1650