Marine Chemistry Facilities

student and professor working in the marine chemistry lab

Marine Chemistry Facilities (MCF) at the Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC) provides and maintains facilties for conducting many kinds of chemical analyses in support of teaching and research at SPMC.

Facilities and Equipment

SPMC has extensive facilities for water quality analyses, as well as facilities for other specialized applications.  The facilities for water quality research include an autoanalyzer for measuring nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and orthophosphate), fluorometers for measuring chlorophyll and phaeopigments, UV and visible spectrophotometers, a diode array spectrophotometer, titration equipment, and temperature, salinity, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen meters. 

Using MCS Facilities

If you are interested in using the Marine Chemistry Facilities at Shannon Point to conduct a class or for independent research or wish to schedule a training session, please contact Kathy Van Alstyne. If you are a researcher submitting a grant proposal that will require extensive use of MCF facilties or equipment, please contact Kathy Van Alstyne during the proposal development phase so we can best determine how your marine chemistry needs can be supported. If you are a student planning to conduct thesis or independent research project, you should talk to us during the proposal development stage of your project.

SPMC Supervisor of Marine Chemistry Services

Kathy Van Alstyne
Rm. 142, Sundquist Marine Laboratory
Shannon Point Marine Center
(360) 650-7400, x-226 or
(360) 293-2188, x-226

SPMC Marine Chemistry Assistant

Horng-Yuh Lee (available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays)
Rm. 39, Sundquist Marine Laboratory
Shannon Point Marine Center
(360) 650-7400, x-263 or
(360) 293-2188, x-263

Requesting Assistance

The SPMC Chemistry Assistant, Horng-Yuh Lee (Lee) is available to assist with SPMC programs; train students, faculty, and staff on the use of minor equipment, the diode array spectrophotometer, the elemental analyzer, and the Lachat nutrient autoanalyzer; and, assist with WWU classes being held at SPMC. Please contact Horng-Yuh Lee or Dr. Kathy Van Alstyne to inquire about training or availability of the Marine Chemistry Laboratory.