Marine Molecular Ecology and Environmental Genomics Labs

RM 203 & 212, Sundquist Marine Laboratory
Shannon Point Marine Center
(360) 650-7400 Ext: 235 or
(360) 293-2188 Ext: 235
Contact: Dr. Shawn Arellano

Molecular Ecology and Environmental Genomics

The Molecular Ecology and Environmental Genomics labs at the Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC) are facilities for conducting many kinds of molecular techniques in support of teaching and research. While SPMC staff provide and maintain facilities, WWU or REU students, WWU faculty or staff, or visiting scientists should be trained via individual research teams prior to use.  

Facilities and Equipment

Two separate labs have been designated for the facilities. The Molecular Ecology lab (Rm 203) is designated for sample preparation, including DNA extractions and PCR. Equipment in the Molecular Ecology lab include: a Veriti Thermal Cycler (Applied Biosystems), a PCR workstation (laminar flow hood with HEPA filter and UV light), a Qubit 2.0 flurometer, a mini dry bath, BioClave 16 autoclave, vortexer, mini centrifuge, microplate shaker, Ambion magnetic stand-96, Eppendorf refrigerated microcentrifuge (5430R) with 2-ml tube and 96-well plate rotors, a horizontal gel electrophoresis system and power supply, an Enduro GDS Touch gel documentation system, and a dedicated suite of Gilson micropipets. Type 1 (nanopure) water is available. All consumables are user supplied.

The Environmental Genomics lab (Rm 212) is dedicated for post-PCR processing of samples. This room houses the Illumina MiSeq genome sequencer, Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent) and associated laptop, StepOnePlus real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems), vortexer, mini centrifuge, a dedicated suite of Gilson micropipets, and an iMac with Geneious software. Sequence data generated on the MiSeq can be processed through Illumina’s Base Space genomics cloud computing system, or Western users may access SPMC’s dedicated space within the computing cluster housed in the Computer Science department. All consumables are user supplied.

Using the Molecular Ecology and Environmental Genomics labs

If you are interested in using the Molecular Ecology or Environmental Genomics labs at Shannon Point to conduct a class or for independent research, please contact Shawn Arellano. If you are a researcher submitting a grant proposal that will require extensive use of the facilities, please contact Shawn Arellano during the proposal development phase so we can best determine how your needs can be supported. If you are a student planning to conduct a thesis or independent research project, please talk to us during the development stage. Student work must be directly supervised. Users are expected to join a Canvas page with training modules and equipment information, but we do not provide hands-on training.