Requesting Housing, Research or Teaching Space

Space at SPMC is available for WWU faculty and staff, visiting scientists, students, or guests of the University on a space-available basis. Questions can be directed to Gene McKeen.


Note that these are University-approved fees. If a user group charges third party guests a fee for using University property, that amount shall not exceed the listed University rates. Please call (360) 650-7498 to verify current rates.

WWU Student: $15/day
Non-student, double occupancy: $25/day
Non-student, single occupancy: $50/day
"Lively" house, room rate: $400/month
"Lively" house, whole house rate: $1000/month
Linen Fee: $15/person/stay

Research Laboratory
$35 per day
$200 per week
$600 per month

Analytical Laboratory
$5 per day
$30 per week
$130 per month

Teaching Laboratory
$40 per day
$80 per week
$256 per month

$75 per day
$250 per week
$460 per month

Conference Room, Half-day: $50
Conference Room, Full-day: $100
Lecture Hall, Half-day: $75
Lecture Hall, Full-day: $125
Sulkin Commons, Half-day: $75
Sulkin Commons, Full-day: $125

$5 per person per day
$35 per person per week
$120 per person per month

RV Zoea: $150/hour + state sales tax (minimum 2 hours)
RV Fauna: $150/hour + state sales tax (minimum 2 hours)
RV Magister: $150/hour + state sales tax (minimum 2 hours)

Research Technician Fee: $40/hour
Diver Fee: $100/hour
Scuba tank air fills: $15/fill

$15 per day
$100 per week
$400 per month

CHN Sample Fee
$15 per sample

Facilities Use Forms

Facilities Use Application
Housing Application esign form for WWU students and personnel
Housing Application for non-WWU visitors
Housing Policies and Procedures
Meeting Space Application
Meeting Space Helpful Hints
SPMC Handbook
Emergency Plan

Marine Chemistry Forms

SPMC Chemical Hygiene Plan
WWU Hazardous Waste Disposal Regulations

Helpful Hints for Completing Forms

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