Seawater Facilities

Shannon Point pumps water from Guemes Channel that feeds a dual line flow-through system at rates of up to 250 gal/min. Each line consist of intake, pump, feed line, 8000 gal reservoir, and alarm system that alerts staff to pump failure. Water is fed from the reservoirs to an indoor sea table room and two outdoor aquarium areas by gravity. The water is monitored continuously for temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and total dissolved gases. Nutrient samples are also taken twice per week for analysis.

The indoor sea table area consists of 18 sea table sets and 5 aquarium racks. The sea tables have an upper 34 gallon capacity and a lower 72 gallon capacity and are typically used for holding organisms for research and education. The aquarium racks have filtration, lights for light cycling, and will hold aquaria of various sizes. The racks are typically used when replication and small aquaria are needed.

The outdoor areas are typically used for experiments that require ambient light or larger volumes. Aquaria sizes range from our largest tank with a capacity of 1500 gallons to 40 gallon acrylic units. A variety of aquaria can be plumbed to a programmable timer that controls an electronic valve to simulate daily tidal fluctuations.